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HIGH League 2 - Fight night!


Topic: "pashaBiceps" High League 2

Today 05.02.2022 legendary Counter Strike player Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski will make his fighting debut against MICHAŁ OWCZARZAK. The iconic Virtus.Pro player announced that he will be the representative of Esports against the Polish athlete "SCHAF WK" at the second edition of the High League via Twitter on 06.12.2021.

Short recap:
Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski will give his fight debut today, 05.02.2022, scheduled at 11 p.m. CET live on highlive.tv/!
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Career Recap

Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski was born on 11.04.1988 and started his career as a Counter Strike player in 2004. The Pole played his first S-Tier events in 2009 and after the release of CS:GO in 2012 he competed in ESC Gaming. The lineup at that time consisted of TaZ, NEO, pasha, Snax and byali. The whole roster would then decide to move to Universal Soldiers and two months later returned to AGAiN, where they were signed in 2011. Finally, Virtus.Pro decided to sign the lineup in early 2014. A decision that would not only influence the future of pasha and the organization, but the entire CS:GO scene.

Just one month after signing the lineup, the team around pasha won the ESL Katowice 2014 Major! After a mediocre performance in their first participation at a Major in 2013, the team managed to achieve one of the biggest successes of their careers early on. The next four years of Virtus.Pro and pasha are history, a team and lineup that shaped the Counter Strike community like little other. In his career, pasha participated in an incredible 93 S-Tier events (76 CS:GO, 17 Counter Strike) and 13 Majors. The number 13 also represents the number of S-Tier tournament victories which the Pole and his team achieved!

After five years with Virtus.Pro, he spent a month with AGO before retiring as an active player and signing with Team Liquid as a streamer and content creator in mid-2020. Furthermore he founded an esports academy/gaming camp. Nearing the end of 2021, pasha announced his return to the big stage!


"It's official! It was supposed to be on the stage, but it's in the cage.

I will be fighting Owca WK in @HIGHLeaguePL. Representative of esports vs polish athlete, who is gonna win? I count on your support my friends!"

Fight Facts

The fight will take place today 05.02.2022 at round about 11 pm CET. The whole event consists of eight different fights of various athletes and for many of them it is the first fight! pashaBiceps will fight against SCHAF WK in the eight and last fight of the evening. It is difficult to estimate in advance at what level the fight will be and which of the two atlethes will be the favorite on the mat. But one thing is for sure, the esport and especially CS:GO community will be watching the fight excitedly and will be supporting one of the most inspiring personalities of our community. All the best Pasha!


The show starts at 8.00 pm CET and access to the fight evening can be purchased from 7,00€. In this case you can watch the show in 720p, if you want to watch the stream in 1080p you have to pay one Euro extra. Payment can be made in multiple different ways!

All the links are summarized here again:
Pasha Twitter: twitter.com/paszaBiceps
High League Website: highlive.tv/

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