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How Much Does AI Know About CS:GO Skins?

We tested OpenAI on its knowledge on CS:GO skins

Topic: How Much Does AI Know About CS:GO Skins?

In this modern age of technology, artificial intelligence grows more and more impressive by the day. With recent developments in the artificial intelligence world, anybody can now access pretty much anything by typing a prompt into OpenAI’s new AI chat service: ChatGPT. This form of AI is just over a month old but has absolutely blown up in popularity recently. So we decided to put its extreme knowledge to the test, and see how much it knows about the wide world of CS:GO skins.

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What is the Best Knife Glove Combination In CS:GO?

To start, we prompted ChatGPT to provide us with some of the best Knife-Glove combos. Knife and glove combinations are arguably one of the most important aspects of CS:GO skins, so we would hope that AI can help us out with this one.

At first, ChatGPT provides us with a disclaimer, informing us that the best knife-glove combination is subjective, and totally up to the preference of the player. It then goes on to state some popular “combinations,” but despite clearly demonstrating that it understood the prompt, the AI goes on to list 10 knives.

I would argue that these definitely aren't the MOST popular knives among the CS:GO skin community, but a few of them are pretty popular. It then goes on to clarify that some of these “combinations” may not fit within the budget of certain players and that it is important to combine affordability with playstyle accountability(although knives don't really affect playstyle unless you spend the whole game staring at your beautiful knife). Overall, ChatGPT really disappointed in terms of knife-glove combos, failing to correctly provide an answer to the prompt.

CS:GO What does OpenAI know about CS:GO

What gloves should I pair with M9 Bayonet | Fade

After a disappointing performance from ChatGPT on our first test of its CS:GO skin knowledge, we gave it a chance of redemption. After claiming that M9 Bayonet | Fade was one of the more popular knives among players in the previous prompt, we asked AI which gloves we should pair with the knife.

After giving a short description of what the M9 Bayonet | Fade is, ChatGPT provided us with a list of 10 gloves that it thought paired well with the knife. At first, the list seems ok, but as you look deeper, you start to realize its mistake. On its 8th answer, it told us that we should pair Moto Gloves | Nitro with an M9 Bayonet | Fade. However, these gloves don't exist in the game, and rather it was mixing up the name of a weapon skin with a glove skin. However, other than that, the list looks good. It finishes off with yet another disclaimer, letting us know that the choice of which gloves we pair with the knife is up to personal preference.

However, upon further examination, we discovered that ChatGPT gives the same selection of gloves to pair with any knife you ask for, just in a different order. This is quite disappointing, especially when you see that it suggests pairing Hand Wraps | Leather with a Karambit | Doppler.

CS:GO What does OpenAI know about CS:GO

What is the most expensive inventory in CS:GO?

After a disappointing response to the prompt of “What are the most expensive skins in CS:GO?” which was so horrendous that we have opted to not even feature it in the article, we asked AI to tell us what the most expensive CS:GO inventory was.

It failed to give us a definitive answer, but informed us that this is because the prices of skins and other items can vary over time and may be affected by factors such as rarity, demand, and supply, so it would be hard to pinpoint the exact most expensive inventory. Now, it's not totally wrong here, as the answer to the “most expensive inventory” can change quite easily, but it is still a bit disappointing to see that it didn’t suggest collectors like HFB or Anomaly(who is listed as owning the most expensive inventory on CSGO.exchange). Interestingly, ChatGPT also threw in some very wise information after this, telling us that the prices of skins vary, that traders should always check market values before making a purchase, and that Steam vs cash value can be very different figures. It goes on to inform us that Steam and 3rd party trading sites have selling fees. Overall, despite failing to properly answer the prompt, this answer was a very wise one that had some important information.

CS:GO What does OpenAI know about CS:GO

Can you name some popular CS:GO skin YouTubers and streamers?

To finish off a disappointing series of responses, we prompted ChatGPT to name some of the most popular YouTubers and streamers who make CS:GO skin content.

It started the list by naming McSkillet, a name that I was surprised to see after his tragic accident a few years ago. Next, it mentioned two content creators, 3kliksphillip and WarOwl who do make CS:GO related content, but not content specifically related to skins. Next ChatGPT named TmarTn, an extremely controversial former member of the CS:GO skins scene who played a large role in the massive CS:GO Lotto scandal several years ago. It then went on to name SkinTraker, a youtube channel that posts content related to Fortnite skins, and Selly, a Romanian content creator who does not post CS:GO content. Throughout the list, it also named several CS:GO trading sites that don’t create content on either YouTube or any streaming platforms.

CS:GO What does OpenAI know about CS:GO

Bonus: “Who is the best player in CS:GO?”

We wanted to give ChatGPT one last chance to redeem itself and prove its level of knowledge, so we gave it one final question that still relates to CS:GO, but not specifically about CS:GO skins.

The question of the “best player in CS:GO” has been long debated since the early days of professional CS:GO. More recently, “s1mple,” who is widely regarded as the GOAT(greatest of all time), was named Counter-Strike’s “player of the decade.” However, ChatGPT didn’t just give the obvious answer of s1mple, rather giving us four players after explaining that definitively naming the single best CS:GO player would be difficult, because there is a wide variety of skills involved, and the game itself has changed a lot over its 10-year history. AI named olofmeister first and correctly explained that he won multiple tournaments with Fnatic, despite currently being benched on FaZe Clan.

Next, it named dev1ce, who recently made his return to competitive CS:GO. dev1ce is one of the greatest AWPers of all time and AI correctly conveyed that he won several tournaments with Astralis. Disappointingly, it seems like for each player named, the same format was used in their description: their name, the home country, the fact that they have won “numerous tournaments,” and their team. They did the same format for coldzera and s1mple. Overall, despite lacking in skins knowledge, AI performed well when it came to knowledge of the professional CS:GO scene, and it is clearly aware of those in question as the greatest players of all time.

CS:GO What does OpenAI know about CS:GO


Overall, ChatGPT’s knowledge(or lack thereof) when it comes to CS:GO skins is quite disappointing, and while it seems to have a very basic understanding of CS:GO skins, it consistently fails to properly deliver on the prompt. It is important to note that some prompts may be difficult for the AI to understand, but we did our best to make them as simple as possible. We hope you enjoyed this article, and if you take anything away from this article, please don’t pair your $1000 knife with a pair of Hand Wraps | Leather.

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