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Cheapest Way To Buy Counter-Strike Skins

A guide on how to find the cheapest CS skins listed!

Topic: Cheapest Way To Buy Counter-Strike Skins

Do you want to fill your CS2/CS:GO inventory with awesome skins, but don't want to pay the premium price demanded by the Steam Community Market? Do you want to see which sites sell specific skins for the cheapest amount? Well, look no further than EsportFire’s new Skin Database, where you can browse thousands of skins, and see which marketplaces offer the best deals! This short guide provides in-depth information on the cheapest way to buy Counter-Strike skins!

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Navigate to EsportFire’s SkinDatabase

You can find our Skin Database by entering https://esportfire.com/skindatabase into your browser, or by clicking here. You can also navigate to the EsportFire Skin Database by clicking the menu tab in the top right corner of EsportFire.com and selecting the “SKINDATABASE” option.

EsportFire Skin Database

Find Your Desired Skin

If you already know what skin you are looking for, you can search for it in the large search bar underneath the filtering options at the top of the database. However, if you haven’t decided on what skin you want, you can browse through the database until you find a skin that catches your eye.

Looking for a nice new AK-47 skin? Simply hover over the “Rifle” tab above the search bar and select AK-47. Then, scroll down the list of seemingly endless skins until you find one that you are interested in purchasing. You can also sort by rarity by selecting Covert, Classified, Restricted, Mil-Spec, and Industrial, and Consumer in the section directly below the text at the top of the screen.

Select Your Desired Wear Rating

Once you have selected your desired skin and clicked on it to pull up a large page of data related to said skin, you can select which wear rating you would like at the top of the screen. Each wear rating displays the minimum price underneath, so you are able to find which one best fits your budget. You can also select the StatTrak or Souvenir button to the right of the wear ratings to display the prices of each wear rating in that special condition. Then, simply click on the Wear Rating you want to purchase from.

EsportFire Skin Database

Enjoy Great Deals!

Directly below the menu of Wear Ratings is a list of third-party marketplaces and the prices they offer for your desired skin. They are automatically sorted by the best prices, so the marketplaces near the top of the page are the best for this specific item. Next to the name of each marketplace, you can find the quantity of the skin listed on the specific site, the price they sell the skin for, and a percent value that represents how far the prices vary from buff.163 prices.

Buff.163 prices are used by experienced CS2 skin traders and collectors to calculate the “real money value” of skins, and Buff.163 will almost always offer the best price. Unfortunately, unless you are from China or have Alipay, WeChat Pay, or Huabei, you will be unable to deposit balance onto the site unless you list and sell a skin on the site. Thus, your best option is to find the closest price to the buff.163 price, as displayed in the percent value next to the price offered by each marketplace. If you want to set up a Buff.163 account for yourself feel free to check out our guide here: How to use Buff163 - A full guide

Once you have found the best deal for your desired skin, simply hover over that section and click, and you will be automatically taken to a page with all of the listings for your desired skin on the marketplace you selected, sorted by the cheapest price. If you already have an account on the site, you can log in and purchase the skin, or sign up and purchase the skin if you do not have an account.


But wait, there is more! You may notice that if you scroll beyond the price listings, you will be met with even more important information related to the skin you have purchased. This includes tons of information about the skin, its rarity, availability, conditions, and special versions that it is available in. Along with this, you will find a graph displaying the skin’s recent price trends.

You can expand the graph to show price trends over a longer or shorter period of time and find specific information regarding the price trends of the skin underneath. If you notice that a skin is currently decreasing in price, you may want to wait a day or two to purchase it, as you might get it for a better as it decreases in value, but make sure you are checking the price trend consistently to ensure that you don't miss a chance to get a great price!

EsportFire Skin Database


We hope you have learned something from this article, and can’t wait for you to use our Skin Database to find the cheapest CS2 skins. Tons of effort goes into projects like this and we greatly appreciate you using them. Good luck with your skin-buying endeavors, and have a great day!

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