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How to Inspect Skins in CS2

Find out how to inspect skins and crafts in Counter Strike 2

Topic: How to Inspect Skins in CS2

Since Valve released a closed beta for the upcoming installment of the Counter-Strike series: Counter Strike 2, much of the CS:GO skin community has been very intrigued as to how their skins will look in the new Source 2 engine.

Luckily, thanks to wonderful members of the community who have access to the beta, we have been able to see what a lot of skins will likely look like(nothing is permanent as this is just a beta) in the new game. But still, a lot of other players were wondering how to inspect skins in CS2. Luckily we have for you a great guide as to how you can do that, as well as some other info for the future of Counter-Strike 2 skins.

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Inspecting Skins in CS:GO

As many of you are probably aware, there is a variety of ways that you can inspect skins in CS:GO. For one, you can open the skin in a menu by opening the “inspect in-game” link in your Steam inventory. If you want a more advanced look at the skin, as well as how it will look in-game, you can copy and paste the inspect link into a chat of a WS(weapon skin) server. Lastly, you can see what certain skins and sticker crafts will look like in the game even if they don't exist yet by pasting !gen codes into the chat in a WS server.

EsportFire even has its own WS server where you can inspect skins and take screenshots of them in front of over 100 different backgrounds! Learn more about how to join the server here: Skin Inspect Server by EsportFire.

Inspecting Skins in CS2

By now, you are probably wondering how to inspect skins in CS2. Luckily the amazing CS:GO community has already discovered a method of inspecting skins in the main menu of Counter Strike 2! Important: You need to have access to the CS2 Beta! Here is a short guide:

1.) Ensure your developer console is enabled
To do this, go to the settings page, located on the top left of your in-game menu. Then, search for “developer console” in the settings search bar. To enable to developer console, select “Yes” next to “Enable Developer Console.”

2.) Copy the link of the skin you want to inspect
To find any skin’s inspect link, simply open the inventory of the owner’s skin, right-click the skin you want to inspect, scroll down to “Inspect in Game,” and copy the button’s link.

3.) Open your developer console
The console will be bound to “~” by default, but that can also be changed in settings.

4.) Paste the inspect link into the developer console
Simply press Ctrl + V on Windows or Cmd + V on Mac.

5.) Edit the inspect link
First, remove all of the text before the part of the link that says “csgo_econ_action…”
Next, remove the after the word “preview” and before the long string of numbers in the link
Finally, add a space after “preview”

6.) Enter the link
Once you press Enter, the skin will appear on your screen. Unlike CS:GO, in CS2, you can move around in all directions to inspect every corner of the skin. That method also works if you want to inspect crafts in CS2!

How to inspect skins in CS2

Inspecting your own skins in CS2 servers

Logically you can also inspect skins in CS2 if you have them in your inventory. For that, you can enter every play mode available in the Beta test and simply inspect your crafts and skins while playing. But as the article is mainly focused on inspecting skins you don't own yourself, let's continue with that!

How to inspect skins in CS2

The Future of Inspecting Skins in CS2

While the current method of inspecting skins in Counter Strike 2 may feel like a big downgrade from CS:GO, it's important to remember that this is just the beginning. Players will develop new WS servers and tools and make it again possible to inspect any skin and craft in CS2! The future of skins in CS2 is a bright one(both literally and figuratively), and we hope you will join us for the fun!


We hope you enjoyed today's article about how to inspect skins in CS2! If you want to learn more about CS:GO and CS2 skins, or if you're interested in more guides regarding Counter-Strike 2, please be sure to check out our other articles here at EsportFire and make sure to follow us on Twitter. Happy inspecting!

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