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IEM Summer 2021 - Day 4

Upper & lower bracket finals

Today, not only the two upper-bracket finals, but also the lower-bracket final of group B will take place. Especially Evil Geniuses is still undefeated in group B, but also Vitality surprised with two wins in a row. In the lower-bracket final there will be an absolute top duel between NiP and Virtus.Pro.

by @jAlexCSGO

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Table of Content

Game 1: Evil Geniuses vs. OG

The North Americans are the big surprise of the current tournament. After Evil Geniuses struggled to find their form after the signing of MICHU, they showed great performances against Spirit and Heroic at the IEM Summer 2021 and were the big underdogs in both duels. Given the odds, Evil Geniuses will also go into the match against OG as underdogs. However, they are certainly not underestimated anymore. OG has also been showing great performances for weeks and won against Virtus.Pro and NiP in the current event and is undefeated for five games.

Game 2: Vitality vs. G2

In the second upper-bracket final between Vitality and G2, the odds are very even. The French were able to surprise after rather weak performances against Complexity and Gambit. Especially the win against the Russian top team Gambit came as a surprise. G2 is getting in better and better shape and also finished great third in the first RMR event. At IEM Summer, the team won against Extra Salt and FunPlus Phoenix.

Game 3: NiP vs. Virtus.Pro

An absolute top duel. The loser is eliminated from the tournament, while the winner can continue to dream of the title. NiP lost the first round duel against OG quite clearly, but fought their way through the lower bracket with wins against fnatic and Heroic. Both duels were very close. After the first round win against fnatic Virtus.Pro lost against OG. The team made it to the lower-final against Spirit.

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