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Syncho Steam Inventory Review & Value - CS:GO

Syncho: Inventory, Skins, Twitter

Topic: Syncho Steam Inventory Review & Value - CS:GO

Today we will take a look at ImSynchos inventory. Syncho is a fulltime csgo trader, hence his inventory is fairly massive. Sitting at a proud value of USD 73'000, which is probably a bit of a lowball from Sharkbay, Syncho is hoarding quite a collection.

Granted most of these items are not here to stay so there is a whole bunch of doubling up happening. Yet one can find some very nice crafts in the midst of all these liquids in Synchos steam inventory.

  Thicc Squidward   Andy

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General inventory

As mentioned before, most of his CSGO inventory consists out of skins to resell, yet there are some interesting Katowice combos in there. Some are meant for balance transfer but some are just genuenly pretty, such as the very battle scarred P90 Fallout Warning with a Katowice 2014 Reason paper.

As an honourable mention I would like to talk about his 3 different Katowice 2014 IBuyPower paper AK Redlines. To me this looks like a ladder to the IBP holo starting with a 4x Minimal wear IBP dreamhack paper. He then continues this path with a field-tested Kato14 IBP on wood and to finish the current progress towards the holo, he recently acquired a statty mw one with four times Katowice 2014 IBuyPower paper!

Pandoras with the fade

Inarguably one of the best, if not the best, pair of gloves in CSGO. Even in field-tested those bad boys start at a hearty price of USD 2.400, for good reason tho, there isn't a much better condition needed for them to look clean!

The Butterfly is nothing to scoff at either, coming in at a statty .042 it may not have the best float but that sweet purple tip due to a fade percentage of 97% makes up for this all the way. You really need a good fade percentage to make this combo work and I'm pretty sure this box is ticked on this example!

Inventory Review Syncho

I DIG this M4A4

Next up in the inventory of Syncho we're looking at a gorgeous M4A4, in my opinion the Neo Noir is the best A4 next to the Howl and this craft only adds to it!

Applied on this .02 beauty we can see four Cologne 14 Dignitas holos. Such a great color combination with the coolest Cologne 14 sticker out there. This craft looks like @Purple would go absolutely nuts about it!

Inventory Review Syncho

The Kato that started it all

This skin started Synchos Kato craze! He made sure that his first ever Katowice 2014 counts and got himself a .083 AK Black Laminate with a Titan holo shining bright on wood.

Funnily enough, he never changed the nametag of this ak, yet it says #1. It was bound to be his first ever Kato even before he bought it, I gotta say my first Kato was much worse looking, this is an absolute banger to start out with!

Inventory Review Syncho

A precious gift

The only skin that he would never sell no matter the offer. One does not simply sell a gift, most of the CS community stands by that including Syncho. When it comes to oldschool Katowice 2014 crafts, I think the Blue Fissure is one of the best looking canvases out there.

Coming in at a .189 it's barely field-tested with only few scratches. On the best position there is a juicy Katowice 2014 Titan Paper applied, blue on blue has always worked and will always work!

Inventory Review Syncho

This is odd to say the least...

I was a bit confused with this USP Orion. For starters, it's a statty Orion with a .026 float but the top is fairly scratched.

For the weird part of it, there is a crown foil applied in the middle position on the top, not only is it slightly cut off, it also just looks wrong. Secretly, I absolutely pray in my mind that this was a missclick, although I have to admit that the Global Offensive and Dragon Lore Foil kind of make up for it due to their color palette.

Inventory Review Syncho

Blue Gem with Vices never gets old

The Talon makes for one of the best blue gem knives out there in my opinion due to its white handle. While it may only come in a wee woo, it still looks absolutely stunning while being somewhat on a budget. I'm personally not a fan of high wear Case hardeneds though, since it has too many black spots for my liking.

Matching this blue beauty, he got a pair of Vices in the same condition. It's the classic blue-gem combo because of its light blue accents amidst the barbie's doll house color theme. The knuckles may not be existant anymore but the combno is still looking very high-tier.

Inventory Review Syncho


Overall, I quite like this inventory even tho you can tell that it changes shape alot. The downsides of being a full time trader is that you can't really get loadouts without people thinking those skins are on sale.

It's very honorable that the gifted Glock is one of his oldest skins in the inventory, I just wish there was a cool AWP craft, currently he's "just" rocking a blank prince and medusa.


My final rating will be a solid 6.932 due to it being a trader inventory. I think if I would look at the skins he used to have throughout his career, this score would be much higher.

I had a lovely time talking to Syncho and I always enjoy it when people present me their skins!
Note: All the screenshots have been taken on Broskins.

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