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Cptn Kraken Steam Inventory Review & Value - CS:GO

Inventory Review Cptn Kraken

Topic: Cptn Kraken Steam Inventory Review & Value - CS:GO

If you have ever looked up the top patterns of Karambit Gamma Doppler Cyan bits, XM1014 XOXOs, Marble Fade max red tips or numerous other skins, then you have probably seen Cptn Kraken! Apart from Steam Guides this man can offers an absolutely gorgeous purple themed inventory with tons of SK gaming crafts.

Sharkbay has the audacity to value this inventory at USD 2'500 but I am pretty sure the Karambit alone is worth more than that! Plus I am pretty sure that the perfectly matching SK Gaming crafts do not even get accounted for.

  Thicc Squidward   Andy

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General inventory

As previously mentioned, the main focus lies in the color purple as well as Cologne 2016 and Atlanta 2017 SK Gaming Holos. There are a couple of Curveballs crafts in there with the Krakow 2017 SK Gaming Holo plus the Boston 2018 SK Gaming Paper.

As an honorable mention, I have to talk about his Neo Noir collection! While the floats may not be the best, every single one of them has 4x Cologne 2016 SK Gaming Holos, apart from the USP that has one Atlanta 2017 Holo on the best position which makes it my favorite one of the bunch!!!

There is no way this Karambit fits in the USD 2'500 Pricecheck

A classic combo, pink Vice Gloves with the blue accents matching a Gem. The gloves come in a .467, but due to their pattern they are cleaner than the vast majority of Battle-Scarred Vices.

On the knife side of things, we can see a .652 Karambit Case Hardened with a "Blood in the water" gem pattern! Only eight of these bad boys are out there, making this knife an incredibly rare eye candy. I personally like this pattern with all those purple/pink streaks more than the clean blue ones.

Cptn Kraken

There's sharks in these waters

I am not talking about paying people too little, but rather about all this blood in these waters. An impressive collection of Blood in the water gems all with at least one Cologne 16 SK Gaming Holo applied to them.

The floats are all in the Field-Tested to Minimal-Wear range and as far as I know, they are all the top patterns for the respective gun. We have seen the AK before in one of our pickup streams and I am pretty sure Thorben announced it as his favourite skin of the session; for good reason!

Cptn Kraken

SK Gaming stands for Space Kat Gaming

One of my favorite skins from the Dreams and Nightmare collection is getting the love it deserves! Coming in with an impressive float of a statty .0004, this PP-Bizon Space Cat looks nearly scratchless.

Those four SK Gaming Holos are the cherry on the cake. Not only making a great color combo but also splitting themselves up in a way that only covers the white surface for contrast! Truly magnificent craft on a fairly unused gun with great float. Literally ticks all of my "I love it" boxes.

Cptn Kraken

Wild 'n Wacky, just how I like it

The Fever Dream is often overlooked due to it is rather low rarity, yet it shines bright with a very vibrant set of colors that is practically made for Vice Gloves. Looking at the AWP, we can see a .070 float with an Atlanta 2017 SK Gaming Holo on Scope and 3 Cologne 2016 Holos throughout the body.

On the SSG Side of things, we are coming in a whole lot lower at a statty .0008 float. There are only Cologne 2016 SK Gaming Holos applied because there is not a spot that stands out from the others. Both these crafts look sooo good with the Vice gloves and the sticker gives a beautiful darker note to it.

Cptn Kraken

It's already this Midnight?!

As far as I know, this craft was made by the man himself. The AUG Midnight Lily may not be the most flashy example of pearlescent skins, but it matches the whole theme of his inventory sooo well. Coming in at a .008 float, I do not think that there are many better AUG Skins out there apart from the Akihabara Accept .

Applied we have the old trusty Cologne 2016 SK Gaming Holos. This time only 3 are on there due to the fourth spot on the AUG being all kinds of distorted and cut off. Once again an SK Gaming craft with exceptional taste.

Cptn Kraken

Out of the comfort zone for a Majora's Mask refference

Buckle your seatbelts, ladies, and gentlemen, we are going off the SK Gaming road straight onto the moon. The moon from Majora's Mask to be exact, projected onto these two Moonrise skin. Coming in at a .055 and .044 float, these two guns have a moon perfectly positioned for the applied sticker.

As teased before, this Smoke Criminal Paper is fully scratched right on top of the moon. This gives the moon a cute little face and lets it look like the moon from Majora's Maks, all that while still making a startling addition to the purple theme.

Cptn Kraken


All in all, I absolutely adore this inventory, a nearly perfectly executed purple inventory with every single gun in the whole loadout having at least one SK Gaming sticker.

There are not many things I could critique here apart from a couple of floats, especially on the gloves and knife. Yet looking at the tier these items are, I absolutely understand why he did not want to drive himself into bankruptcy.


My final rating has to be one of the highest ones given out yet! A solid 9.701 is the final score due to there not being many factors I can point out negatively. The only way this score could be higher would be a Wild Lily craft and better float on these gloves!

I really enjoyed talking to Kraken, he has a kind of a sexy voice so you should definitely check out the Youtube interview. He helped me with a Cyan Bit before and I am really glad that I got to talk to him!

Five Question with Cptn Kraken on Youtube!

For all of you who are interested in additional facts and information about Cptn Kraken feel free to check out our Five Question video with him on YouTube!: https://youtu.be/-PI22V90lMM

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