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Roej Steam Inventory & Value Review CS:GO

Roej Inventory Review

I think noone expected Copenhagen Flames to perform as well as they did and oooh boy did they perform. We're not here to look at any plays tho today, it's all about skins around here babyy. We'll take a look at what in my opinion is the prettiest of their inventories, which would be Roej's. He's coming in at a proud value of 35'000$ according to Sharkbay, this value mainly comes from high tier items such as Doppler gems and expensive gloves.

  Thicc Squidward

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General Inventory

As I said before, his value mostly comes from high tiers, so there's not a whole lot of crafts going on, but the ones that are around look pretty selfmade/selfowned. He has also opened a bunch of souvenir packages, which is always cool to see.

Those Stockholm Major stickers are being thoroughly enjoyed by him, he already made 5 crafts with them plus he even put Copenhagen Gold Patches on 2 operators!

Hulk Combo The Second

If you think this looks familiar, it's because I just recently included a hulk combo in a review. This one was just so incredibly neat, that I had to include it again.

For the gloves he's rocking a pair of .196 Pandora's Boxes with reasonably clean triangle. The knife on the other hand is quite something else! This is one of the first new emeralds I saw in a pro-inventory. The emmy looks incredible on the Huntsman, whereas the Butterfly has a swamp green handle, here it's just the screws that come in a clean dark green. Crazy that this .023 is nr. 29 worldwide!

Picture 1

AK-47 Wild Lotus

Most pros have it, most pros love it for a good reason. The AK Wild Lotus was the only collection red AK until the Golden Arabesque came out. No wonder prices look like they do now, this skin is absolutely stunning.

His comes in a .106, looking clean and disbursed throughout it are four K19 Furia holos. By far the best sticker from that Major in my opinion plus the wide color spectrum of it elevates the beauty of this flower bouquet.

Picture 2

USP-s Kill Confirmed

This craft seems very selfmade since the stickers are barely even out yet. The Copenhagen Flames holo is one of the hottest holos added to the game in my opinion. The shape looks clean, desirable and like the logo of a certain esports page. The holo effect has lots of colors, although they are a bit on the darker end, they still have a great variety.

As a canvas he went for a statty .138 Kill Confirmed which works pretty damn well! Such a classic USP skin with a sweet new twist to it.

Picture 3

MAC-10 Gold Brick

Talking about self made stuff, here we got a souvenir Gold Brick with a solid .169 float, which is self unboxed and looks bomb! Looking at it from a sheer color perspective, this might be one of the best, if not the best souvenir matchups.

In best pos we got the Ancient map sticker, this is my favourite of the new map stickers. It was redeemed from the match between Copenhagen Flames and G2 with the Flames sticker infront of the G2 one, the Major sticker is left unattended on the handle, as it's supposed to be.

Picture 4

M4A1-s Blue Phosphor

Yet another selfmade craft with your beloved Copenhagen Flames holos. The Blue Phosphor comes in a .021 float while the stickers make for a much better matchup than I initially expected. You couldn't really tell at first but blue plays quite the big role in this holo effect.

We are combining last year with this year to make awesome new skins! Love to see pro players invested in skins and searching crafts that work out.

Picture 5

AK-47 Vanilla

I don't think I have to tell anyone that this skin is selfcrafted. What a baller move to just slap a Crown foil on your default, non tradable gun. Some people are just built different.

This is the perfect additional skin to include in this inventory review, it's silly, balling and quite pretty. I used his Slingshot Gloves at a .141 with a fairly clean triangle since I think the beige inside makes quite the nice fit for the brown default ak.

Picture 6


Overall, I think this is quite a personalized pro inventory. I also greatly appreciate the lack of borrowed skins, it's quite refreshing after reviewing s1mple and dev1ce's inventory. All his selfmade crafts are great fits and you can really tell that he cares about his skins, he even participates in a bit of gambling with those souv packages himself.


I'll give this inventory a solid 7.846 which might come a bit surprising considering how i praised it before, but there's a lack of actual high-tier crafts. I'd be fine with that, if there weren't as many unstickered skins and if he didn't quadruple up on Doppler gems. Still enjoyed reviewing this inventory, I got made aware of it during their match today, in which i saw some banger skins on their side!

All images taken on: Broskins.com

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