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Leaguesports: Worlds Play-In

North America’s Cloud9 Continues, The Group of Death, And A Double Clean Sweep.

Ahead of a very long 11 hour day of League of Legends yesterday, the final day of the #Worlds2021 Play-In saw the shortest possible day, with two 3-0 sweeps. Missed the action? No problem, we’ve recapped all of the results on Day 5 of esports’ most decorated tournament.


Match 1 (BYG vs HLE)

After just barely edging out past the Turkish team of Galatasaray Espor the previous day, Beyond Gaming were completely overshadowed by the LCK 8th seed Hanwha Life Esports. HLE, who finished runner-up in their Play-In group with 3W-1L, brought home a 3-0 series win and advanced onto the main stage. We’ve put together a list of total gold at the end of every match and total kills per team per match:

LOL Graph1
Game 1: HLE Win
57.5K Gold and 18 Kills vs 46.7K Gold and 6 Kills (19% Gold diff. and 77% Kill diff.)

Game 2: HLE Win
50.6K Gold and 26 Kills vs 38.1K Gold and 9 Kills (25% Gold diff. and 65% Kill diff.)

Game 3: HLE Win
49.3K Gold and 11 Kills vs 38.4K Gold and 5 Kills (22% Gold diff. and 55% Kill diff.)

LOL Graph1
Hanwha Life Esports has been placed in Group C, which includes PSG Talon, FNATIC, and Royal Never Give Up.

LOL Graph1

source: Tweet by @lolesports

They are set to finish second in that group.

Match 2 (C9 vs PCE)

If you thought the first match wasn’t dominant enough, then this one surely will be. Cloud9 stomped on their opponents and finished off the day with another quick and clean 3-0 sweep. To put into perspective the dominance that the North American team showed on-stage, we’ve also included a textual and visual representation of the total gold per team per game and the total kills per team per game:

LOL Graph1
Game 1: C9 Win
62.7K Gold and 21 Kills vs 56.4K Gold and 12 Kills (11% Gold diff. and 43% Kill diff.)

Game 2: C9 Win
54.4K Gold and 26 Kills vs 33.8K Gold and 8 Kills (38% Gold diff. and 71% Kill diff.)

Game 3: C9 Win
43.2K Gold and 21 Kills vs 27.7K and 1 Kill (36% Gold diff. and 96% Kill diff.)

LOL Graph1
Blaber’s Olaf was on fire and so was his Lee Sin. Cloud9 finished off the series with a 19-minute win in Game 3 (the second-shortest Worlds match in history!), absolutely embarrassing PEACE as the Oceania team saw the end of their run at Worlds end much sooner and quicker than they would have liked.

Sho's Play of The Day: A Confident and Aggressive C9, Blaber and Perkz Hunt Down PEACE Into Their Own Base / Clip via LCS on Twitter

Unfortunately for Cloud9, who are known to be North America’s only hope at International tournaments such as Worlds and the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), it doesn’t seem like they will be going far this year. In fact, they may very possibly not even win a single game in their group. Despite the high hopes, Cloud9 has been placed into Group A, also known as “The Group of Death;” the group includes defending Worlds champions FunPlus Phoenix, 2019 Worlds champions Damwon Gaming KIA, and LEC’s number one seed Rogue. It would take a miracle and a half for the White and Blue to not finish at the bottom of their group.

LOL Graph1

source: Tweet by @lolesports

The other North American teams don’t seem to be in much better luck, either. LCS Summer split winners 100 Thieves are in the same group as Edward Gaming, SK Telecom1 (T1), and DetonatioN FocusMe, a history-making Japanese squad.

As for Team Liquid, they are forced to face MAD Lions, GenG, and LNG Esports.

Basically, if you’re going to be watching live, expect to see a lot of this: “NA ‘Near Airport’ is known as the fastest region to arrive at the Airport. Since they gave up on the LoL Worlds Championship, they are investing in Speedruns. In particular they are current world record holders in Airport Any % and Airport no wins.” Thanks, TSM.

Want to Watch?

The mainstage action will kick off Monday, October 11th with DWG KIA and FPX, the last two teams to lift the Worlds trophy, facing off against each other in an intense Best of 1. Seven other games will take place on Monday as well. For the full schedule, check out LoLEsports.com/schedule.. Catch all the World's 2021 action on Twitch at: twitch.tv/RiotGames or on YouTube at: YouTube.com/c/LoLEsports

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