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Leaguesports: Worlds Play-Ins Recap (Updated)

Turkish Fans’ False Hope, Tight Matches, And A Double Best of Five.

Today kicked off the Play-Ins Knockout stage, in which all 2nd, 3rd, and 4th seeds of both Worlds Play-In groups qualified for. And though it deserves a couple of thousand words, we’ve summed up all of #Worlds2021 Day 4 results in this quick read for your convenience!


Group A (PCE vs RED)

Group A brought us a very inconsistent series that kept all fans on their toes. In the end, PEACE brought home a 3-2 win after losing in the first match. To get an image of the inconsistency in performance by both teams, we listed and graphed (1) for you the total team Gold amount and Kills at the end of each match.

LOL Graph1
Game 1: RED Canids win 63.1K Gold and 27 Kills vs 58.1K and 22 Kills
Game 2: PEACE win 56.8K Gold and 24 Kills vs 43.1K Gold and 7 Kills
Game 3: PEACE win 54.9K Gold and 23 Kills vs 41.8K Gold and 9 Kills
Game 4: RED Canids win 50.6K Gold and 17 Kills vs 37.0K Gold and 4 Kills
Game 5: PEACE win 50.4K Gold and 18 Kills vs 34.8K and 4 Kills

LOL Graph1
It was a disappointing loss for the passionate Brazilian fans as they won’t see their country represented on the main stages. As for PEACE, they will face LCS’ (League of Legends Championship Series’) Cloud9 in a Best of Five to determine which team will claim the last of the two remaining spots for the main Worlds Groups.

Cloud9 is favored to win.

1) The graphs look similar, but the scaling is the difference maker.

Group B (BYG vs GSE)

As for the Group B knockout match, while Hanwha Life Esports waited for an opponent to face, Galatasaray Espor (GSE) and Beyond Gaming (BYG) battled away in another intense Best of 5 series. Despite GSE looking dominant in the beginning by winning the first two matches and making it look like a clean sheet win, BYG pulled off the reverse sweep and took the series 3-2, knocking out the Turkish team and leaving many of the region's fans in agony. Being the only Turkish team at Worlds, Galatasaray Espor, who also won the 2021 Summer split, saw the end of their run as a result of losing three matches in a row to the fully Taiwanese roster of Beyond Gaming.

Sho’s Play of The Day: Husha and Beyond Gaming steals the Baron, the game, and the series

After a tight Game 5, Beyond Gaming will go on to face off LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea’) 8th seed, HLE, in another Best of Five on Saturday, October 9th. The winner will advance to the main stage and will claim the last of 2 spots left available. The series is set to be a close one, with the Korean team being a small favorite.

Overall, a great day for a League of Legends esports fan as Riot Games was live for 11 hours!

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