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Market Recap CS:GO Unboxes, Crafts, Cases : June 2022

CS:GO crafts, unboxes, market trends and more!

Topic: Market Recap CS:GO Unboxes, Crafts, Cases : June 2022

Welcome to our monthly Market Recap! We hope you enjoy learning about the changes in the CS:GO market and the crazy unboxes that happened this month! And boy, we had some CRAZY unboxes/trade-ups in June! For those who are new to our monthly recap series, these will include the latest news for CS:GO skins about:

- New rare and unique unboxes;
- New expensive and/or rare sticker crafts (Katowice 2014, Krakow 2017, contraband stickers etc.);
- Market changes (items going down/up);
- Official skin related content (new cases mostly, but anything from Valve);
- Uncategorized (New marketplaces, skins recently registered on or off databases);

Welcome to yet another edition of our monthly Market Recap! We hope you enjoy reading, learning, and looking at the skins and crafts that the CS:GO community has provided for you!

  Sgt_Ente   Andy

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Chroma 3 + Clutch Case

Let us start with cases and some market changes like we always do! The Chroma 3 case is on the rise again. It has been a while since this case got some appreciation and attention. So maybe it is time to check your investment again? It is just a question of time till this case rises to its former price.

June Market Recap

The Clutch case is rising again! One of the cases that people heavily invested in is the Clutch case. The gloves in the case are still exclusive to this case only. Here we can see an increase of around ~20% since the last time we had it in our article and recapped on it.

June Market Recap
Let us continue with some Unboxes and Tradeups!

#1 float Vice glove unboxed (with a float of 0.06022)

It is insanely rare to get FN gloves in the first place! But to get THE MOST expensive gloves in the game?! And looking that good, with an almost flawless pattern is just crazy! According to ohnePixel they are estimated to be worth around 50.000 USD cash.

June Market Recap


A new "Scar-Pattern" skin was born! The AK Case Hardened 661 is one of the most expensive CS:GO skins, and can fetch up to tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. This one has a float of 0.0644, making it the #8 lowest float Scar Pattern in existence.

To show you how INSANELY rare this is a Twitter user named @EvDogCS has made the calculations: “0.0002143%. 21.43% for the Case Hardened, then 1 in 1000 for 661” This is roughly a 1 in 5,000!

We are excited to feature this extremely lucky item on our recap this month!

June Market Recap
Next up we are going to look at some recent crafts this month!

2014 craft in 2022?!

Trainwrecks crafted a 2014 skin in 2022! This craft is around ~3.400 USD, the sticker combination is…interesting to say the least, but we kinda like it. We have a soft spot for crafts that look like they are a blast from the past.

June Market Recap

AWP Gungnir with 4x Crown (Foil)

This Gungir is a class for itself. Applied are 4x Crown Foils and the craft costs around ~1.900 USD!

June Market Recap

Nightwish with 3x NaVi (Holo) | Katowice 2015 + Crown Foil

This craft had not been picked up by Float DB for a while, the crown recently got applied on it, thus making it a bit more extravagant.

June Market Recap

The new Recoil Case

Although the release of the case was on the first of July, we want to shortly mention it in today's article! CS:GO released the Recoil Case, which features 17 community-designed skins. After mixed opinions about the finishes at first, the community seems to appreciate the flashy new skins and craft options! Logically we already reported about the case in more detail, feel free to check out the article here: The New CS:GO Recoil Case!

Recoil Case

The biggest SCAM in CS:GO history!

Last but not least in our June CS:GO Market Recap we have to mention the 2 Million USD scam that shocked the CS:GO community in mid-June! The popular high-tier collector "HFB" got hacked and nearly all his items sold. For the full update on this topic check out our article: The 2 Million USD CS:GO SCAM - "HFB"


We have seen some crazy unboxes this month! It is not every day, week or even month that we get such a crazy high tier #1 float unbox like we just had with the Vice gloves!

In next month's recap we will be happy to cover the new case, the skins and the change of their prices while also looking back to other cases.

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