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Market Recap CS:GO Unboxes, Crafts, Cases : November 2022

Everything worth to know about the CS:GO skin market in November 2022

Topic: Market Recap CS:GO Unboxes, Crafts, Cases: November 2022

We greet you, traveler, to a new edition of our monthly EsportFire Market Recap where we take a look at some general CS:GO updates, rare and unique unboxes, new crafts and more! Stay tuned for everything worth to know about what happened in November 2022!

Let us first of all begin with the Major, changes in the CS:GO professional map pool and weapon changes.

  Sgt_Ente   Andy

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Rio 2022 major winner

Congratulations to Outsiders for taking this (a bit unexpected) win and finally their first major trophy! It was quite an exciting major with many surprises and amazing games. We had some great competition between pro CS:GO teams and a lot of fun during the games! Also congratulations to all 15 people who got the Diamond coin for the Rio 2022 major!(Haha)

Farewell to Dust 2!

With a heavy heart we have (for now) say goodbye to the most iconic map in CS:GO! Well at least in Pro match terms, as Dust 2 departs from the active duty map pool! Thank you for every iconic moment that we witnessed on Dust.

Weapon changes!

The AWP now has 5 bullets instead of the previous 10 per magazine! This makes the weapon still as good as it was before, but you do have to be careful if you wallbang or pre-fire smokes. You might be out of ammo right as an enemy approaches, so keep your new magazine size in mind!

As a second big update, the M4A1-S got its damage over range reduced and the M4A4 skins have been going up in price like crazy! Most skins have an increase from ~20% up to in some cases ~65%! But more on that soon.

Souvenir package Dust 2

The Rio 2022 Dust II Souvenir Package! With the removal of Dust 2 from the competitive map pool, the price of these little things has shot up sky-high in a short period. A price from just under 2 USD to all the way up to almost 8 USD!

An insane price because you can still buy the in-game souvenir tokens. Granted, you would have to wait a week to sell them which would explain this fluctuation in price.

CS:GO Rio Dust 2 Souvenir package

Source: Steam Community Market

M4A4 back at it again?!

The M4A4 skins have seen an insane increase in price. It would be way too long of an article to show you everything here, but most skins have increased from 20% to even around 65%!

High tiers are going up a bit slower, but overall we got to see a surreal price increase for many A4s! The prices for M4A4s seem highly inflated for such a "small change". We will be happy to analyze this situation shortly, a lot might depend on the pro scene and their adoption of the update.

M4A4 price development

Source: https://csgolist.com/items/m4a4

Unbox: #1 M4A1-S | Night Terror!

The new #15 lowest skin in the world! We have seen a really insane and incredibly low float unbox in November. This M4A1-S has an insane float of 0.00000001223013! The skin that is relatively new to CS:GO ,as it came out on the 21st of January 2022, is in fact the #15 lowest float skin in the entire world!

The next StatTrak skin on that list is on place #32. This is truly the dream of every low float collector.

CS:GO M4A1-S | Night Terror

Unbox: #1 Souvenir P250 | Digital Architect

Someone over from the Twitter community with the name of @3razon_cs has pulled this insane #1 Souvenir P250 | Digital Architect! It has a float of 0.000069 and has beaten the previous #1 by one additional zero! Congratulations to this low float pull!

CS:GO Souvenir P250 | Digital Architect

Craft: #2 for StatTrak P90 | Cold Blooded

Hello to another low float Cold Blooded! Lets just pray that this one will not be sacrificed in a trade up contract. It is the #9 overall for the P90 | Cold Blooded and the #2 for StatTrak. Congratulations to the crafter as it's quite an old skin.

CS:GO StatTrak P90 | Cold Blooded

New Registered: AWP | Dragon Lore w/ 1x iBUYPOWER (HOLO)

This insane skin was just discovered and added to databases mid November! A very amazing and yet unexpected find. The current owner has had it in his inventory since 2015! That was 7 whole years ago! It is in MW condition and…do we even have to say more about it?

CS:GO AWP | Dragon Lore w/ 1x iBUYPOWER (HOLO)

Sticker Craft: Wild Lotus w/ 4x Dignitas Holo

We got a new Kato Holo 4-time craft straight from China! This Wild Lotus got around $50k worth of stickers applied, which is absolutely insane. You might find this craft familiar, that's because it is. It exists a second time now, the previous number 1 has a float of 0.005, this one beat it by having a float of 0.001. If the original crafter just did not want to sell his craft is unknown.

CS:GO Wild Lotus w/ 4x Dignitas Holo

Sticker Craft: MP9 | Wild Lily w/ 1x compLexity Gaming Holo

Twitter user @greenispoor crafted this nice MP9 recently. The colors fit quite well to the gun and the lily theme. And for once and all green has proven that he is not poor! This one sticker costs around $1.200 to apply. We think it kinda fits and as long as he likes it, everything is perfect!

CS:GO MP9 | Wild Lily w/ 1x compLexity Gaming Holo

Source: Twitter @greenispoor

Sticker Craft: AWP (Vanilla) w/ 1x Dignitas paper

The mad man did it again! In a recent Market Recap we featured a Vanilla AWP with 1x Kato Paper on scope and 3x Dreamhack from the same team to finish the craft. The Twitter user @BunnyGirlPee has decided to add to his collection and now has a new Kato 14 paper AWP that costed him just shy of 400 USD. Congratulations or ... sorry for that? We have quite mixed emotions.

CS:GO MP9 | Wild Lily w/ 1x compLexity Gaming HoloAll images are taken on the Broskins & ohnePixel server


Now that November has concluded we can look back and reflect on the CS:GO major in Rio, changes to the guns, and to the economy revolving around the skins. We know that most people still will look back and miss Dust 2. We will miss it as well. So farewell Dust 2 and hello to the M4A4 yet again!

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