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Misutaaa Steam Inventory & Value Review CS:GO

Misutaaa Inventory Review

Topic: CS:GO misutaaa inventory value, review

Vitality is quite the staple in CS:GO, but today we won't let big daddy ZywOo take all the shine! Misutaaa's inventory was the most personalized one in my opinion, including some cool crafts.

Granted most crafts are done with Stockholm 21 stickers but nonetheless they look great . He's stepping onto the pro battleground with a solid value of 5'900$ according to Sharkbay.

  Thicc Squidward

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General inventory

Let's talk some crafts, there's not much going on besides the occasional Stockholm craft plus a few signatures. He does however have quite a few high-tier items and all of them are stickered.

Honourable mention goes to his Glock Dragon Tattoo which comes at a .050 float with 3 Stockholm 21 misuuta golds scattered throughout the top of the gun. Pretty nice craft, love to see some new stickers on old guns.

Crimson weave 'n BFK doppler p2

First off, we got his knife/glove combo, which isn't particularly overwhelming but it makes a nice match. The gloves are .381 Crimson Weaves that look remarkably clean for being wee woo. The right hand looks like a solid field testy, therefore the left side looks mad battle gaben. As a knife to complete this combo he went for a P2 Butterfly Doppler.

Butterfly Dopplers are like Karambit Dopplers back in the days, it's just a baller statement. Coming in at a .032 there aren't any visible scuffs but the pattern isn't the best. I personally like the P1 Butterfly Dopplers more since it has a nice and vibrant red handle.


Deagle Blaze

While this Deagle Blaze may come in at a .007 float, Gaben was trolling hard on this one since it looks fairly scratched. There also seems to be quite a bit of backflame going on.

Applied throughout this skin is an array of different stickers, all Stockholm 21. In best pos as well as on handle, we got Vitality holos, second best pos comes in with a misutaaa gold for some reason and last there's a misutaaa holo. Pretty cool craft but the gold sticker kind jumps out of line, I would have prefered it on best pos.


USP-s Guardian

A USP classic, back in the days this was one of the best options out there, today it's by far none of them in my opinion. It comes in at a statty .034 float, which doesn't really matter on this bright skin but is nice to have.

Applied on it are four Cluj-Napoca Apex foil signatures. That's pretty damn sweet I'm not gonna lie, a little moral booster. It's the CS:GO pro equivalent of holding hands. Other than the sentimental value, this craft still looks fairly incredible, I like the shininess of the cluj foils!


AK-47 Fire Serpent

We're just going down memory lane with these skins at this point. Another very OG CS:GO skin that holds quite the prestige nowadays as well. His comes in at a .136 float which is pretty neat but nothing to write home about.

Applied is an interesting combo of stickers, throughout the body you can see three RMR 2020 Vitality golds. On wood we have a beautiful Stockholm 21 misutaaa gold. If there would have just been the RMRs I would not have been a great fan of this skin, yet since there's a misutaaa gold on wood, the craft got a certain little twist to it.


M4A4 Howl

Have I mentioned yet that he got a bunch of classic high-tiers? Well here's another one, this time it's a Howl with a .178 float. Howls sadly always get scratched pretty damn quick and this one is no exception.

While it may look a bit scuffed, the four Stockholm 21 misutaaa holos make up for it all the way. Such a lovely color combination that has never been seen before the Major stickers got released.


AWP Lightning Strike

As a last skin to have a little looksie at, I went with this odd AWP Lightning Strike. I said odd because it comes in at a .071 float while the skin itself is floatcapped at .08. It probably was more expensive to get a scuffed minimal wear one than a good factory new one.

Applied, we got an Atlanta 17 Eleague foil on scope which makes for a great fit. To bring a little spice into this skin, he decided to apply a Stockholm 21 Vitality holo on second best pos. I'm quite fond of the color combination between the deep red and the vibrant purple.



Overall, I don't mind this inventory, yet I can kinda tell that he cares about the game itself more than about skins. Crazy to say that about a pro player I know, but someone had to say it.

I do like all the crafts he made himself, they're mostly a great fit colorwise. Although there are not enough high tier crafts for my liking, he just stuck with the stickers he could afford to apply himself, fair enough.


My final score will be a solid 5.184 since there was clearly some thought put into his crafts, but it's nothing crazy I would do a backflip out of my chair for.

I think with all that value in this inventory, there could have easily been some cool crafts bought, but that´s just my taste. Still I really enjoyed this inventory review, always love to review people that have recently been playing on the biggest stages.

All images taken on: Broskins.com

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