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The youngstar will be joing G2´s starting lineup

Official: m0NESY To G2

Topic: CS:GO m0NESY Transfers To G2

G2 Esports officially announced the signing of youngstar m0NESY yesterday! The first to publicly share the news was CarlosR, founding CEO of the organisation, in a legendary video on Twitter. Who will leave the starting lineup for G2 in order to make space for m0NESY is still unclear! The youngstar will take over the role of the main AWP.


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Career Recap

Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov is a 16 year old professional CS:GO player. His first C-Tier events on record were in 2019 and currently has no S-tier tournament appearances. Around a year after his first appearance in an official tournament, he was signed by Natus Vincere Youth, who later renamed themselves to NAVI Juniors!

Together with other talents like B1T, who later became part of the first lineup, m0NESY competed in several B and C-Tier events and even played his first two A-Tier events in May 2021. Apart from a second place in the WePlay Academy League Season 2, he was also the sixth best player in FPL Pro League Europe in October.


m0NESY will fill in the role of the main AWP for G2 in which AmaNEk has logically been struggling in over the past few months as it´s not his main role. Age wise, the 16 year old will mix up the lineup that currently has an average age of 26.2 years. Regardless of his young age, m0NESY seems to bring a very professional attitude to the table. It is convincing that he will bring a lot to the team and also improve personally from the legendary characters like NiKo guiding him from now on. All the best m0NESY, show us what you´re capable of on the big stage, we´re rooting for you!

Current lineup of G2:

G2 IGL: nexa
G2 Riflers: JaCkz, huNter, NiKo, AmaNEk
G2 Coach: Swani

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