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PizzaBot Steam Inventory Review & Value - CS:GO

Inventory Review Pizzabutt

Topic: PizzaBot Steam Inventory Review & Value - CS:GO

Pizzabutt is quite a name on Twitter when it comes to artworks for good reason, his artworks are like no others due to his professional experience in the field. We're not here for his insane Twitter feed though, there are plenty of gorgeous skins to swoon over for us!

A total value of USD 10'000 (probably undervalued) according to Sharkbay worth of the prettiest of NIP Katowice 2015, Dreamhack 14, and even a couple of Katowice 2014 crafts. A whole bunch of these crafts were self-made but every single craft is nearly a perfect fit!

  Thicc Squidward   Andy

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General inventory

To put into perspective just how much of a NIP fan he is, there are 183 items in his inventory while 89 of these are NIP crafts... That's almost 48% of all of his items.

As an honorable mention, I would love to show off one of his artworks. I looked through a bunch of them which gave me a hard choice but this one caught my eye the most! I love the Phoenix on this Pattern of the Galil Phoenix Blacklight, it got such a great placement with the eye right next to the sticker. The phenomenal background choice and the highlight on the eye makes the cherry on top of the cake.

CS:GO PizzaBot Inventory Review

The Pinnacle of beige

There is a common color striking throughout this inventory due to the stickers as well as this combo. Beige is the name of the game and I haven't seen many people pull it off apart from Pizza! Probably the best choice for this type of loadout, Sports gloves Arid - put your favorite type of brown on the sleek model of Sports gloves.

Pairing those .374 Gloves is a gorgeous .061 Survival Knife Safari Mesh. It is actually the second lowest float in existence due to the .06 float cap. He has a Factory New M9 Safari Mesh as well but it didn't look quite as clean as this bad boy in my opinion.

CS:GO PizzaBot Inventory Review

The most modern of hunters

Speaking of .06 float-capped skins, he also got every single Modern Hunter Skin in Factory New with his signature sticker, the Dreamhack 2014 NIP Holo. The Modern Hunter skins are some of the oldest of the game, being released in August 2013 with the Arms Deal update.

Nowadays those skins are quite rare since Militia, which happens to be the map these skins are from, can only be played in deathmatch and casual. From a color combination point of view, this collection fuckin slaps! The Modern Hunters are looking amazingly clean, while the gloves complement all of those crafts.

CS:GO PizzaBot Inventory Review

This Jet Set is taking off

We will continue down the rare road right away with this stunning AK-47 Jet Set craft. This time from the Baggae collection which can only be played in Arms Race!

At a float of .019, it might not sound too impressive but this skin is so rare, that this is the Rank 29 lowest float. Compared to the AWP Dragon Lore, this float would only land you Rank 671 even tho the Jet Set is only of Pink rarity. The stickers make a great fit, even tho I usually prefer mixed crafts on the Jet Set, I gotta say the Dreamhack 2014 NIP Holos work out lovely.

CS:GO PizzaBot Inventory Review

Identical but not quite the same

Can you spot the difference? These are two incredibly similar Galil Crimson Tsunamis. You sadly can't tell that one of these is StatTrak due to Broskins not letting me showcase it to you.

The first one on the right side comes in a decent statty .00015 which is nothing compared to the non-statty version in a marvelous .00014 on the left! The StatTrak version was actually a gift by Erupt and he purposely crafted it on a higher float. Both have incredible wave patterns with the Dreamhack 2014 NIP Holos making a phenomenal craft out of them.

CS:GO PizzaBot Inventory Review

Watching this Watchdog is a pleasure

I've seen this one right when he crafted it! The Operation Riptide was quite new and this beauty arose from the blue rarity of those cases.

Coming in with a float of .0005 it was one of the lowest of its time. To me, the XM1014 Watchdog is easily the most intricate of its rarity, due to those ornaments alongside the whole skin. As with all the crafts Pizza makes, Dreamhacks 2014 NIP Holos are sitting side by side on this Jade accented Beige XM.

CS:GO PizzaBot Inventory Review

Elite Builds from the past

Last but not least, we got a blast from the past. Pizza mentioned that he started out with Katowice 2015 NIP Paper crafts such as this whole collection of Elite builds in all kinds of floats.

The P90 comes in a .004 while the AWP is "only" a .135 float. Most interesting I find the two AK Elite Builds due to their opposite floats. One of those comes in a very solid .006 float while the other one has a .99 float making it almost look like a Slate prototype!

CS:GO PizzaBot Inventory Review


Overall, I gotta admit, I already reviewed his inventory on my Twitter once and my opinion stays the same. Insane commitment to his theme even with a loadout color.

I almost got nothing to complain about, insane floats, self-made crafts, uniqueness as well as impeccable taste. The only thing I can mention are the gloves which only come in a .37 float, with those beefed up plus a Prince with Dreamhack 2014 NIP Holo on scope, we might be looking at my first ever 10 rating since it is the perfect execution of this style of loadout.


As you can probably guess, I'm gonna give Pizza quite the high rating with a solid 9.631. Just a better-floated pair of Arids this could already improve by .02 at least!

It was a real pleasure reviewing Pizza's inventory and interviewing the man himself. He's a real hoot to talk to, if you can get your hands on one, you should definitely get a Pizza artwork for yourself.

Interview with PizzaBot

As always with our Inventory Review series we also had the pleasure to talk to the man himself. You can find around 15 minutes of multiple interesting questions regarding his collection, artworks and future plans on our Youtube Channel. Link to the video: Five Questions with PizzaBot.

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