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Ra Steam Inventory Review & Value - CS:GO

Inventory Review RaCSGO

Topic: Ra Steam Inventory Review & Value - CS:GO

Today's Inventory Review involves Twitter veteran @RaCSGO. He is bringing a Twitter presence since 2015 and a whole 11 years of service on Steam with an according inventory to the table. Making up a total value of USD 88.000 according to Sharkbay but personally, I would say it is more with all the unique items in there! We should be talking about USD 100.000+!

This accumulation of value is mostly due to crafts, souvenirs and unapplied stickers... soooo many unapplied stickers.

  Thicc Squidward   Andy

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General inventory

Ra himself is quite the investor ranging from Katowice 2014 Holos and Papers over DickStacy Autographs, to Operation passes. That is just the beginning and only the "unplayable" items, there are tons of Katowice 2014 Foils applied on Souvenirs as well as a plethora of rare souvenirs plus crafts from all kind of tournaments.

As an honorable mention, I would like to talk about the first CZ you will see in this article. There is a .06 Tigris with 4x Katowice 2014 Virtus.Pro Papers making a gorgeous color combination. The second CZ is not quite as clean at a .65 Crimson Web, yet the 4 applied Katowice 2014 LGB Papers are looking pristine!

Let's finish off those insane CZs

You probably know by now that I am an absolute sucker when it comes to Katowice 2015 Holos! This craft has it all, a good float at a .009, amazing stickers plus a matching color combination.

Kato 2015 Flipsid3 Holos are some of my favorites due to the general lack of green stickers in older tournaments. This bad boy does not just come in green, depending on the lighting you can see light blue or even purple in it, I do not think there is any other green sticker with such a wide color range!
Ra Inventory

The best Souvenir Combo out there

The Candy apple is notorious for its straight-up red appearance and there just so happens to be a famous sticker with the same quality. A true gem when it comes to souvenirs, this .063 Katowice 2014 Souvenir Glock Candy Apple outshines all its peers.

Applied all the way up front, there is a Katowice 2014 iBUYPOWER Foil spitting bullets out of this Glock. Following closely we got the Skull Gold and at the last position we can see a Fnatic Foil. Undoubtedly one of the best Souvenirs out there!
Ra Inventory

The North Pole

Sadly Broskins did not seem to let me see the fifth sticker, yet in this deep blue ocean, there is supposed to be a fifth ice bear. I absolutely love cool crafts on unused weapons, this hits just the right spot for that.

Applied on this .120 Azure Zebra we got a whole five Katowice 2014 Virtus.Pro Papers. A magnificent color combination, while there are not a whole lot of 5x crafts out there, I am glad this is one of them tho.

This used to be a 4x craft but Ra himself applied the fifth Katowice 2014 Virtus.Pro Paper on this beauty!
Ra Inventory

A whole Selfcrafted Army

These 3 AKs were crafted when the Katowice 2015 Keydstar Holo was quite fresh and not as expensive as it is now. Due to their Float Cap at .06 Ra decided to make 3 times the same craft on a .060 AK Predator, Safari Mesh as well as a Jungle Spray.

All of these incredible Floats are making a lovely Canvas for the four self-applied Katowice 2015 Keydstar Holos. I'm usually not a huge fan of meme crafts but I gotta admit these look damn satisfying.
Ra Inventory

The love for Pasha

This is the lowest float Souvenir AWP Pink DDPAT with a Pasha Biceps signature on it! At a float of .140 you can not make out many scratches. I really appreciate the amount of pink on the body, those majorly grey Pink DDPATs aren't my cup of tea.

Shining bright on the scope we got CSGO legend, Ra's favorite player and absolute gym giga chad, Pasha Biceps at his last grand final experience at a tournament in Atlanta 2017. Those Atlanta Golds are huge and also complement the pink around them very well.
Ra Inventory

The holy grail of Souvenir Packages

This may seem like a classic Katowice 2014 Souvenir Package to you but it is one of the rarest things to get in CSGO. Not only are the amount of Packages from this era low in general, Reason also only played a total of 3 matches at this major.

There is only one single left out there and Ra is the proud owner of it. Back then they weren't assigned to any map, so this could recreate his insane Glock Candy apple but this time with a Katowice 2014 Reason Foil for all we know.
Ra Inventory


Overall I think this is a very out-of-the-ordinary high-tier inventory. There is not a single pair of gloves and only a couple of miscellaneous knives.

This is mainly the case because there isn't really any need for those things, the vision was about getting the rarest items, not the best combo. I really appreciate this inventory for what it is, yet I would prefer a nice themed loadout for myself.


My final rating will be a solid 8.132, even tho there are some amazing collector's pieces, there isn't really a theme or loadout for this inventory. All there is is a huge amount of dedication and time put into hunting down the rarest of items.

I tremendously enjoyed my talk with Ra, it was really cool to go through such a huge timespan of items, he even rated my own investments which I was very interested in!

The Interview video

For all of you who want to see the full talk together with Ra make sure to check out the interview video on our Youtube Channel here: https://youtu.be/MwZotjCi95Y

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