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Recoil Case Budget Sticker Combos/Crafts

Budget Sticker Crafts on skins of the new Recoil Case

Topic: Recoil Case Budget Sticker Combos/Crafts

Last time we were looking into mid/high price sticker combos for the Recoil Case, today we are looking at some budget ones. Enjoy reading and watching the different combos that we got for you. In case you decide to make some of them happen do not forget to tag us on our Social Media!

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It is always lovely to see a great combination, even better when it is a budget one that can be replicated very easily. Our lovely combo is made on none other than the amazing new AK-47 Ice Coaled. We considered four simple 2014 stickers on this beast and the Cologne 2014 Copenhagen Wolves ones seem to be perfect for that! The combination is absolutely perfect, quite unexpected for many people probably since Cologne 2014 stickers are underrated for such a long time. Applying four of those stickers would cost you only USD 9.00!

Recoil Budget Crafts


If we speak about budget combinations we can not forget about one of the best designs of the case, the M249 Downtown. For many, it is probably very sad that we did not get this amazing design on a more desired weapon, but at least now all of us can have a great M249 for a cheap price. Even better is the fact that we can apply some cheap stickers and make it look even more special. There are many options but we decided to show you our favorite. The M249 Downtown with four Miami Flow Holo, one of those sticker is worth around USD 2.00!

Recoil Budget Crafts

One of the MostUknown

There are quite a few stickers that got completely or almost completely lost in the history of CS:GO. Excluding all the random capsules that got added, out of the main tournament stickers, the organizer logo is almost all the time pretty leftover. A good example of this is the Atlanta 2017 ELEAGUE Holo, having a totally different shape and color compared to the team logos. Today is the perfect opportunity to showcase it since we found a great combo for it on the new USP-S Printstream. One sticker costs around USD 3.30!

Recoil Budget Crafts

Blue on Blue

From one tournament to another, this time around we found an even better combo. Once again we are going to use the AK-47 Ice Coaled as the skin, and for the stickers, we chose the Cologne 2015 ESL Foil. Another organizer logo sticker which is completely different from the team logo stickers. Beside that interesting detail, the combination is pretty sick. This sticker is also pretty underrated considering its age, the price for one of those is only USD 3.70!

Recoil Budget Crafts


Perfect description for our next combo. The new Famas Meow 36 is a pretty good choice for whoever wants a green loadout. Even though the green is not that shiny it is perfect if you match it with some fitting stickers. But do not worry: We already found the best option for you and paired the Famas Meow 36 with four London 2018 Big Holos. These are going for around USD 3.00 per sticker. The combination is insane, finally a good skin for the London 2018 Holo stickers!

Recoil Budget Crafts

Rusty and Dusty

Nothing is better than an old-school combo. Of course for one of those we need a simple skin without too many details and colors. Luckily for us, the new case does offer us a beautiful P90 Vent Rush, a simple skin that is black and orange. The only thing still missing now are some great stickers. We went with the fancy Koi Foil, an amazing sticker from the Perfect World Sticker Capsule! The match between the two is perfect: Shiny and old school. One Koi Foil sticker goes for around USD 3.10!

Recoil Budget Crafts


Truly a perfect match! It is so nice to find a sticker with the perfect texture for the skin. That is the case with our next combo. The skin in question is the new Mac-10 Monkeyflage, and for the stickers, we chose four Dirty Money stickers. They are matching very nicely, especially the brown part of the skin complementing with the "dirt" from the stickers. The full crafting price for all for stickers is around USD 1.00!

Recoil Budget Crafts

Riding the X-RAY

We all remember the amazing combo of the AWP Atheris with some Surf Up stickers! Well, today we have an interesting visual effect as well. There is no secret that the new AWP Chromatic Aberration is showcasing some 3D visual effects because of the nice texture design, therefore we present you the AWP with four Skulltorgeist stickers! It is funny how the Ghost from the sticker is "moving forward" in the direction of the lines. The sticker sells for around USD 1.00.

Recoil Budget Crafts


Not much of an introduction: Let us just say that it is so bright and shiny that surely every one of you likes it! The new Sawed-Off Kiss♥Love is very interesting and a bit difficult to find great combos for, because the eyes from the artwork might stay in the way. Today we shadowed the beautiful artwork with our sticker choice but it was worth it. Onto the Sawed-Off Kiss♥Love we decide to slap four Antwerp Bad News Eagles Gold stickers! The total price tag of those is around USD 15.00!

Recoil Budget Crafts


We hope you enjoyed the travel through our new CS:GO sticker combo ideas for the Recoil Case! Do not forget to check out the other version for the mid and high-priced combos. If you decide to craft any of those amazing combos, or if you have some other in mind, do not forget to show them to us on our Social Media!

All the screenshots were taken on the Broskins server!

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