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RMR-Major Ranking Europe

RMR-Major Ranking Europe

In order to increase fairness in the allocation of the Major participants and to make a prompt allocation of the Major places, filled with the current best teams possible, Valve created the so-called Regional Major Rankings. RMR points can be earned on different match days and tournaments and depending on the region, different numbers of participants can earn a place for the Major. In Europe there are 11 teams in total, divided into the groups Legends, Challenger and Contender, which will participate in the Major.


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Berlin Major 2019

As a base and first event the past Berlin Major 2019 was booked. A total of eight teams gained between 300 and 800 points in the European region. Three further tournaments were planned to find out the eleven best teams to participate at the next Major event. Starting with the ESL Road to Rio, which started at the end of April and was decided in a clear 3-0 final duel between Astralis and G2. The third place was secured by the FaZe Clan, followed by Vitality.

RMR Ranking points at the ESL One: Road to Rio (Top-4): Astralis: 1600, G2 Esports: 1500, FaZe Clan: 1400, Team Vitality: 1300

CS_Summit 6

The second RMR event, cs_summit 6, took place at the end of June. Major winner and champion of the first tournament, Astralis entered the tournament as leader of the current table. Due to the current personal problems of gla1ve and Xyp9x the Danish Star Team decided not to participate in this event. Player changes during the season result in a 20% per player deduction of points in the RMR Major Ranking. In the end, the tournament was decided by BIG, who have become one of the top teams in the last few months. The top 3 varied quite a bit compared to the last Road to Rio tournament. The final was won by the Germans in a duel with Vitality, who thus secured second place, followed by OG.

RMR Ranking points at cs_summit 6 (Top-4): BIG: 2000, Vitality: 1875, OG: 1750, Heroic: 1625

DreamHack Open

As third tournament the DreamHack Open Fall 2020 served as decision for the Major ranks. The last chance for the teams to qualify for the upcoming major or to drop out. Astralis was also represented in this tournament again, but Xyp9x was represented by es3tag, which resulted in a point deduction of 480 RMR. The winner of this tournament was not Astralis, but the young Danes from the second local top team Heroic. They defeated the multiple Major Champion in the lower-bracket final and won 3:2 in the final against Vitality, which meant that the French lost their second final game in a row. Somewhat surprisingly, NiP finished fourth in this tournament.

RMR ranking points in the DreamHack case (top 4): Heroic: 2500, Vitality: 2344, Astralis: 2188, NiP 2031


After a total of four included tournaments and the maximum achievable score was 6900 RMR, Team Vitality (5879) took first place in the ranking. Heroic (4125) and NiP (4116) are relatively far behind in second and third place. These three teams will hold the Legends status at the upcoming Major Event. The full list of qualified teams can be found below.

The big disappointments of the ranking and therefore not qualified for the upcoming major are FaZe, mousesports and Complexity Gaming. While Complexity only participated in one of the three tournaments and therefore had no real chance to qualify, mousesports did not make it to the top 11 in Europe despite participating in all tournaments. Big disappointment was the FaZe Clan, which was on the tenth place after all played tournaments and therefore would have been qualified for the Major, but lost 572 RMR points due to the departure of NiKo to G2 and thus fell back behind ENCE to the 12th place.

Finals ranking: Team Vitality (5879), Heroic (4125), NiP (4116), BIG (3875), Fnatic (3594), G2 Esports (3461), OG (3313), Astralis (3286), North (2614), GODSENT (2590), ENCE (2546)

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