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Ropz Completing FaZe Lineup Going Into 2022

Official: ropz Joining FaZe Clan

Topic: CS:GO FaZe Sign ropz
Thumbnail Source: Ropz Twitter

FaZe Clan announced the signing of Robin "ropz" Kool on Twitter yesterday! Everybody who hasn´t seen the announcing video already check it out here. Let me tell you, a dream came true, and I haven't seen anything more emotional in a long time!


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Career Recap

Let´s start off with a little career overview of the currently 22 years old Estonian. He´s one of the most skilled players in the scene and has shown his skills for over five years now. While being a COD content creator back in the days, he competed in first CS:GO events back in 2016 and was soon after picked up by mousesports, his home for the next several years. A loyal player, he played a few solid S-Tier events shortly after his signing which followed by his first Major attendance in Krakow 2017 (An achievement, as Ropz is the first and remains of only Estonian players to compete at a major qualifier). To date, four more should follow, while by far the best placement was in 2018 with a 5-8th place finish.

Apart from his attendances at Major, which haven´t been all too successful, he was able to win multiple big events during his time with mousesports. A few of the biggest successes were the V4 Future Sports Festival in Budapest 2018, the CS:GO Asia Championships 2019 and ESL Pro League Season 10, among others, all where he finished at the top step of the podium. He has been a constant factor for mousesports throughout the years and continuously improved his ranking in the HLTV Top 20 Players of The Year, being honored 7th best player in 2020!

Ropz's Statement

"Joined @FaZeClan! Extremely excited for this new journey. I appreciate the support, means the world to me!
Fun fact: the announcement contained a part from 7 years ago, when I played CoD (sniping). However CS is my DNA and I’ve played it for the majority of my life.

He also left a much longer statement about leaving MOUZ: Ropz Statement on Twitter


After 54 S-Tier events for his first big name organisation Mouz, FaZe Clan arguably made the biggest and most exciting signing of the new year. Ropz is one of the players to look out for in 2022 as with his enormous skill and dedication to become one of the best, many now agree that FaZe now have a major title contending lineup. A great signing for a legendary team. We wish him and the team (Editor's note: and olofmeister, who he replaces) all the best for the upcoming season, leave him some love on his Twitter Account!

Current lineup of FaZe:

FaZe IGL: karrigan
FaZe AWP: broky
FaZe Riflers: rain, Twistzz, ropz
FaZe Coach: RobbaN

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