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Sticker Spotlight – "Ho Ho Ho", Price, Crafts & Trend

Crafts, Prices & Supply "Ho Ho Ho" - Sticker Spotlight #63

Topic: Sticker Spotlight – "Ho Ho Ho", Price, Crafts & Trend

Since it's that time of the year again, it's also time to get in the christmas and winter mood with the Sticker Spotlight articles. That is why today I will talk about the "Ho Ho Ho" sticker. I will cover the overall supply, price development, and showcase some cool crafts of this specific sticker. Be sure to read until the end, as we have something special ready for you!

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"Ho Ho Ho" – General Sticker Information

The first time the "Ho Ho Ho" sticker was introduced to Counter-Strike was in December 2014 with the "Re-introducing Train" update, which hyped up the community big time. It can be found alongside 14 other stickers that were also added in the same update.

The creator of this sticker is "The Honey Badger", a highly respected creator who managed to get a lot of skins and stickers added to the game.

Ho Ho Ho-Sticker
If you didn't know, there were two different versions of the "Ho Ho Ho" sticker created by "The Honey Badger". The first option was called "The Party Pal," and the second option was called "Jolly Gi." We would like to hear your opinion on this one. Would you prefer to have the other sticker more than the current one in Counter-Strike?

Alternative Ho Ho Ho-Sticker

"Ho Ho Ho" - Sticker Supply

The overall sticker supply is not something that is known, as the sticker can still be purchased directly from the in-game shop, alongside the Steam Community Market, and other third-party marketplace sites. To get an indication on how many of these are for sale you can check out our Skin Database!

"Ho Ho Ho" - Price Trend/Development

As you may have guessed, the price of the "Ho Ho Ho" sticker is as stable as it could be when it comes to a sticker that can be bought from the in-game shop. Ever since 2017, the average price has been between USD 0.49 and USD 1.50. If you'd want to buy a few stickers yourself, you can do that from the in-game shop for USD 0.99 or on the Steam Community Market for a starting price of USD 0.65.

Ho Ho Ho-Sticker Price Trend

"Ho Ho Ho" - Sticker Crafts

13,133. That is how many skins were chosen to be crafted by players in the last ten years. Various pistols, rifles, SMGs, etc. were picked and decorated by one or more "Ho Ho Ho" stickers. One of those players is @CptnKraken with his Galil AR Sage Spray, a consumer-grade rifle in Minimal Wear condition with a float value of 0.12250.

Ho Ho Ho-Sticker Crafts
A one-out-of-two craft is coming from "健达奇趣蛋" and ":)" Steam users' inventory. These two are sharing the same craft on the Five-SeveN Berries and Cherries, but with different patterns. One is pattern #800, while the other one is pattern #234. The one I am showing below is pattern #800 in Factory New with a float value of 0.00892. This skin comes from the Control collection, which was released with Operation Broken Fang on December 3rd, 2020.

Ho Ho Ho-Sticker Crafts

"Ho Ho Ho" - Sticker Crafts

One of the few crafts created each year with this sticker is the USP-S Whiteout, a pistol skin from the Train 2021 Collection. @slum_bubba is one of the four people who crafted this skin with "Ho Ho Ho" stickers. His craft is on a Minimal Wear skin with a float value of 0.09866. It's a lovely match where the white outline blends perfectly with the skin, making it look even better in-game when using it. Good job on crafting this one, Slum Bubba!

Ho Ho Ho-Sticker Crafts
There are tons of different stickers that have that one skin where the sticker matches perfectly. In the case of the "Ho Ho Ho" sticker, that would be the Galil AR Rocket Pop. From the current 857 crafted, 352 of them are on the Rocket Pop skin. I've taken this Factory New one with a float value of 0.03431 to showcase the matching that goes between the sticker and the skin.

This exact Galil skin can be yours. If you are feeling lucky, be sure to join our giveaway on our Social Media!

Ho Ho Ho-Sticker Crafts

Writers favorite

The classic Galil AR Rocket Pop is something you can't miss when crafting with four "Ho Ho Ho" stickers. It's a perfect 10/10 combination of the sticker and the skin itself. No wonder it was crafted that many times. This craft is unquestionably my favorite! In the top five crafts, I could probably also put the AK-47 Point Disarray, the Glock-18 Water Elemental, the SG 553 Integrale, and the P250 Whiteout.


To sum up this year, we want to thank everyone for their continuous support throughout 2023. That is why we are doing a giveaway on our Social Media for four "Ho Ho Ho" stickers and a Factory New Galil AR Rocket Pop with four "Ho Ho Ho" stickers applied to it. Everything you need to know can be found on our Twitter Account. Merry Christmas and amazing winter holidays to everyone from the EsportFire team. See you in 2024!

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