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Katowice 2014 LDLC (Holo) - crafts, supply & price trend

Crafts, prices & supply LDLC (Holo) - Sticker Spotlight #17

Topic: Sticker Spotlight - Katowice 2014 LDLC (Holo) crafts, supply & price trend

The Katowice 2014 tournament was a landmark event for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitive gaming scene. The TeamLDLC.com (Holo) sticker from this event has become a highly sought after item among fans of the game as it convinces with a stunning and unique effect. This article will explore the price trend, sticker crafts, supply and more of the Katowice 2014 LDLC (Holo), providing a detailed insight into its current standing in the market.

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Katowice 2014 LDLC (Holo) – General Information

TeamLDLC.com was one of the most anticipated teams to play at Katowice in 2014 and competed with the following line-up: Vincent "Happy" Cervoni Schopenhauer, Kévin "Uzzziii" Vernel, Mathieu "Maniac" Quiquerez, Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian and Dan "apEX" Madesclaire. Alongside their coach Emmanuel "MoMaN" Marquez, the team was expected to show a strong performance.

The tournament started with TeamLDLC.com in Group B, where they had to face Ninjas In Pyjamas, 3DMAX and Vox Eminor. In their opening match Team LDLC played against Vox Eminor and came out on top, winning 16-13. Their next match was against Ninjas In Pyjamas and despite their best efforts, they were unable to get the win, losing 16-7. With their tournament run at stake, the team had to face 3DMAX in the decider match. Fortunately, they were able to pull off a win, securing their spot in the playoffs with a 16-13 win.

After their successful Group phase, Team LDLC encountered Virtus.Pro in the quarterfinals. Following a long and exciting BO3 series, Team LDLC, unfortunately, lost thus ending their tournament run. They ranked 5th to 8th place and earned USD 10,000 in tournament winnings.

CS:GO Katowice 2014 LDLC Holo Team

Katowice 2014 LDLC (Holo) - Sticker Supply

There are a total of 64 tradable LDLC.com stickers available and around 36 trade-banned ones. The supply of these stickers in the past year was varying between 60 and 75. In total since the start of 2021, 29 Katowice 2014 Team LDLC.com (Holo) stickers were applied to skins. There have been some minor changes, but overall the supply of the Katowice 2014 LDLC (Holo) stickers has been consistent as we can see on cantry.dev. Some things that affect the supply are investments that are hidden in storage units and new crafts.

CS:GO Katowice 2014 LDLC Holo Sticker Supply

Source: cantry.dev

Katowice 2014 LDLC (Holo) - Price Trend/Development

The Katowice 2014 Team LDLC.com (Holo) sticker is one of the most sought-after stickers in CS:GO. Its price at the beginning of 2021 was around USD 7,000, but the sticker has seen a remarkable rise in value over the past two years. During that period, the sticker has gone up by around USD 13,000.

The cheapest listed on Buff163 right now is USD 20,600 and the last sale was for USD 19,100. This indicates that the sticker is highly desirable and it's pretty safe to say that we will see further price increases in the future. If somebody would make a new four-time craft in the near future, we can expect this person to most likely spend between USD 80,000 and 85,000.

CS:GO Katowice 2014 LDLC Holo Price Trend

Katowice 2014 LDLC (Holo) - Sticker Crafts

As we already know by this point, the last two years have seen many of four-time crafts with the Katowice 2014 LDLC (Holo) sticker. We will get to those in a second, but let's first take a look at some overall stats for the sticker. There are currently 5,545 skins with at least one applied to them. The total amount of four-time crafts is currently 76.

Shortly, we will see how this sticker perfectly matches with pink and blue colored skins, as well as some you might have not thought of so far. There have been many new crafts lately, but we can’t forget about old skins such as the Galil AR Sugar Rush either, which some consider the best Katowice 2014 Galil in the game. Some other OG craft that we shouldn’t leave behind as well are the AK Point Disarray, the AK Neon Revolution, and the Famas Pulse.

 CS:GO Katowice 2014 LDLC Holo Sticker Crafts

One of the many amazing matches for this sticker are the Neo-Noir skins. We currently have four M4A4 Neo-Noir skins with four Katowice 2014 LDLC (Holo) stickers applied to them and on the other hand one USP-S Neo-Noir but zero on the AWP.

It would be really nice to see the full set in one inventory, but who knows if we will ever come to that point? For now, let's keep the focus on some crafts that did happen lately. One of those is on a FN 0.008 M4A4 In Living Color back in May of 2021. The cost of the craft was around USD 60,000.

CS:GO Katowice 2014 LDLC Holo Sticker Crafts

One of the most beloved crafts with the LDLC (Holo) is the AK Neon Rider with four stickers applied to it. This one-out-of-four craft is considered as the best AK craft by some. The most recent of those four happened in April of 2021 on a FN 0.0001 AK Neon Rider. One of the crafts, with a slightly higher float, is owned by @Jellewastaken. He is also the owner of an one-out-of-two M4A1-S Decimators.

His ST one is a FN 0.0001 float value while the other one, that is owned by @2kav, is non-ST with a float value of 0.000004. Now, what would be his collection without a matching AWP? That's why he picked up an AWP Gungnir that exists three times. Two of those were crafted in 2021 with eight stickers combining for a total value of USD 71,600.

CS:GO Katowice 2014 LDLC Holo Sticker Crafts

The most recent Katowice 2014 LDLC (Holo) craft that we got was on the newest AK skin. Some of you might already know what we're talking about, it's a FN 0.002 Nightwish and was crafted in May of 2022. The estimated costs of this craft are around USD 80,000. Another example that showcases how drastically the price of the sticker rose in such a short period. Furthermore, @hobshytv is the proud owner of an one-out-of-two M4A1-S Icarus Fell craft. It’s a really nice one as the stickers pop out well due to the pattern on which they were applied.

CS:GO Katowice 2014 LDLC Holo Sticker Crafts

Writers favorite

My favorite four-time Katowice 2014 LDLC (Holo) craft is the Galil AR Sugar Rush. Such a perfect match that just stands out amongst the other stunning LDLC sticker crafts. For my top-3 I would add the AK Neon Rider and the AWP Silk Tiger to the list of my favorite crafts for that specific sticker.


Crafts with the Katowice 2014 LDLC (Holo) stickers haven’t been that common lately, but we hope that the upcoming year and possibly new skins might change that. If you had the opportunity to craft something with this sticker, what would it be? Be sure to let us know on Twitter.

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