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Sticker Spotlight – Katowice 2015 Team EnVyUs (Holo), Price, Crafts & Trend

Crafts, Prices & Supply Katowice 2015 Team EnVyUs (Holo) - Sticker Spotlight #56

Topic: Sticker Spotlight – Katowice 2015 Team EnVyUs (Holo), Price, Crafts & Trend

In today's article, we will revisit 2015, the year when Team EnVyUs participated in the Katowice Major. The incredibly popular and well-respected roster left behind some insane clips for future Counter-Strike generations. We will travel back in time to learn more about their sticker, as well as the supply and price trend that follows its name.

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Katowice 2015 Team EnVyUs – General Team Information

Team EnVyUs, also known as Team Envy, is an American esports organization that left a significant mark at the Katowice 2015 tournament. Their roster consisted of five prominent players from the French Counter-Strike scene: Vincent "Happy" Cervoni Schopenhauer, Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt, Fabien "kioShiMa" Fiey, Richard "shox" Papillon, and Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux.

The "boys in blue" began their Major run in Group B, alongside PENTA Sports, LGB eSports, and Titan. Their first match was against Titan. It was a really close game that spanned all 30 rounds, ultimately favoring Team EnVyUs. After one hour and 30 minutes, the French players secured their first group-stage win. The second game was a winners' match against team LGB eSports. This time, with everything under control and composed minds, they clinched their second win, 16-8, earning them the top spot in Group B and a quarterfinal match against Natus Vincere.

The first two games of this BO3 series were nail-bitingly close. The first map, Cache, ended 16-12 in favor of Team EnVyUs, while the second map, Dust 2, went to Natus Vincere with a score of 16-14. Everything came down to the final map on Cobblestone. This is where Team EnVyUs truly shined. Dominating without giving their opponents any breathing room, they secured the map with a 16-3 score and advanced to the semifinals. However, the next challenge to reach the finals would be tougher than anticipated. On the opposite side were the players from Ninjas In Pyjamas, one of the tournament favorites. And they proved their worth against Team EnVyUs. NIP's masterclass performance was insurmountable, leading to Team EnVyUs's unfortunate exit from the Katowice 2015 run after losing the first two maps in the BO3 series.

The final position secured for the French players was 3rd – 4th, alongside Fnatic. They left Poland with USD 22,000 in prize pool money. This placement also guaranteed them a direct qualification for the ESL One Cologne 2015 major, which took place five months later.

Katowice 2015 EnVyUs (Holo)

Katowice 2015 Team EnVyUs (Holo) - Sticker Supply

Sticker supply in Counter-Strike is information many people seek before purchasing for investment purposes. Unfortunately, it's not publicly known. Many private Steam inventories, or those yet to be discovered, might contain some of these stickers. Additionally, there are storage units that could be concealing a large number of them. However, we do have databases, such as the EsportFire Skin Database, that track the available supply of unapplied stickers listed for purchase. Currently, 51 stickers are listed on Buff163, 11 on the Steam Community Market, and 8 on Skinport.

Katowice 2015 Team EnVyUs (Holo) - Price Trend/Development

In the past few months, the price of the Katowice 2015 Team EnVyUs (Holo) sticker has been rising until the end of September 2023. While a few still sold for USD 69 about seven days ago on Buff163, the most recent sale was recorded at only USD 60 with the current lowest listing being at USD 68. The sticker's price has experienced a minor decrease since September, but this could be one of those instances where the sticker's price starts rising again and then quickly stabilizes. Nonetheless, these trades and listings provide us with better insights into what we might expect price-wise from new four-time crafts. We estimate that it would be between USD 240 and USD 280.

Katowice 2015 EnVyUs (Holo) Price Trend

Katowice 2015 Team EnVyUs (Holo) - Sticker Crafts

Out of 7,900 skins with one or more Katowice 2015 Team EnVyUs (Holo) stickers in Counter-Strike, 360 of them have at least four stickers applied, constituting 5% of the entire supply. I would like to feature some of the crafts I found in the Counter-Strike community. I'm sure you will appreciate them as much as I did.

The first skin I'd like to showcase is the M4A1-S Blue Phosphor previously owned by @akilluapa. This A1-S currently exists only seven times. The second skin is the Glock-18 Synth Leaf used by @swajcs, a Katowice 2015 collector who currently possesses six four-sticker skins with Katowice 2015 Team EnVyUs (Holo) stickers.

Another pistol I've selected for you is the Dual Berettas Duelist from the Chop Shop collection, which can be found in the inventory of @SeanErren. Furthermore, if you have a preference for unique crafts, I have something special for you. @Pike_CS is the proud owner of a one-out-of-one M4A1-S Master Piece, while the previous owner was @mpGragon.

Katowice 2015 EnVyUs (Holo) Crafts

Katowice 2015 Team EnVyUs (Holo) - Sticker Crafts

One of the most popular crafts associated with the Katowice 2015 Team EnVyUs (Holo) stickers in Counter-Strike is the AK-47 Vulcan. Since the sticker and skin were introduced to the game, 61 of these have been crafted. One such craft was owned by @_Sabach until recently, while now one of these amazing crafts is currently for sale on Skinport. Sabach currently still owns a very unique one-out-of-one StatTrak P2000 Handgun, which you can inspect in-game here. While a high-tier AWP Gungnir might be an ideal first choice, we've only observed one such craft so far. A Battle-Scarred version of this craft previously belonged to @leafycs.

No Katowice 2015 article would be complete without mentioning @ChinchillaisGod, another Katowice 2015 collector with unique skins many may desire. One of which is the Tier 1 Five-Seven Case Hardened, pattern 278. The last skin we're showcasing is the P250 Valence, which had two Katowice 2015 Team EnVyUs (Holo) stickers crafts recently, with the most recent one crafted last month by @d1xcs.

Katowice 2015 EnVyUs (Holo) Crafts

Writers favorite

Normally, I would say that I'm not the biggest fan of the Katowice 2015 Team EnVyUs (Holo) sticker and its crafts. However, after spending a considerable amount of time reviewing all the existing crafts, I must admit I was wrong. The P250 Valence from @d1xcs is a truly cool pistol that isn't crafted often, but this particular one pairs exceptionally well with the stickers. Another craft I admire is the USP-S Black Lotus, which exists in two versions. One of them is owned by @swajcs.


We hope today's article found you well. Perhaps you learned more about the team's history and their performance in the Katowice 2015 tournament, or maybe you discovered some crafts with the Katowice 2015 Team EnVyUs (Holo) sticker that you weren't aware of before. Whatever the case, we hope you enjoyed the read. You can find all of our articles and much more on Social Media.

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