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Stockholm 2021 Holos - All Hype or Fundamental Increase?

Detailed analysis regarding the Stockholm 2021 CS:GO Major stickers

Topic: Stockholm 2021 Holos - All Hype or Fundamental Increase?

The continuous increase in prices for Stockholm, especially Holo, stickers have been a big talking point in the CS:GO community recently. We decided to check out the chart movement of the stickers in more detail and analyse them with the help of some trading tools! Enjoy our in depth analysis regarding the Stockholm 2021 stickers. The following article is no investment advice, just a pure analysis.

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Stockholm 2021 Stickers

As we approach the one-year anniversary of when the PGL Stockholm 2021 items were removed from the in-game item store, a quick look at the EsportFire Stockholm 2021 Index shows a dramatic increase in the value of items released during this major, even though traditional sectors of the economy have been in a slump.

CS:GO Stockholm Sticker Price analysis

Technical Analysis and Wyckoff Accumulation

Technical analysis (also known as TA) is a method of evaluating securities, such as stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies, by analyzing statistics generated by market activity. Technical analysts traditionally use charts and other tools to identify patterns and trends that indicate the likely direction of a security's price.

Technical analysts who use the Wyckoff Accumulation technique look for signs of accumulation, such as an increase in volume and a price rise, indicating that the security will likely continue to rise in value. They may also look for a decline in volume and price as an indication that the security is being distributed (sold) by large investors and is likely to decline in value. Below is what the Wyckoff Reaccumulation structure generally looks like.

CS:GO Stockholm Sticker Price analysis


When I looked at the EsportFire Stockholm 2021 Index, the first thought that came to mind was this structure looks VERY familiar, and lo and behold. While not a guarantee, usually, a breakout from a Wyckoff Reaccumulation range is a powerful signal that the big players are about to push prices a lot higher.

CS:GO Stockholm Sticker Price analysis

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

FOMO, or fear of missing out, is the feeling of anxiety or regret that comes from believing that you are missing out on an opportunity, such as an investment opportunity. It is often accompanied by the desire to participate in or possess something others have or are doing.

One scroll from CS:GO Skin Twitter, and you can see many posts within the past few days of people purchasing into the Stockholm 2021 Holo hype and even making some really nice crafts with some of the Holos, even at the higher prices.

CS:GO Stockholm Sticker Price analysis
In traditional instances, FOMO is usually used as an opportunity for larger investors to sell off their current supply to latecomers, but that does not necessarily mean the trend is over. However, it is extremely risky to buy at current prices unless the momentum of the move continues.


I think it’s fascinating how things I have been learning in my finance and economics classes can be applicable even in the CS:GO investing scene. Technical Analysis is a powerful tool for planning and executing trades in traditional markets, and it seems like it can also be helpful in CS:GO investing! It will be interesting to see how long the current Stockholm 2021 Holo trend can last or if it’s already over. We’d love to hear your thoughts on our Social Media.

Authors note:

Hope you enjoyed my first article; I am super excited to be given the opportunity to contribute to EsportFire! I hope to use my knowledge of traditional market technical analysis to teach how patterns typically seen in the stock and cryptocurrency markets can also help you spot trends in the CS:GO market.

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