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Strong Brazilian Showing at ESL Pro League S. 15

FURIA once again carries the weight of Brazilian CS.

Topic: CS:GO FURIA ESL Pro League

FURIA is one of the few organisations that have not made any drastic changes to their roster as of recently in comparison to the likes of G2 Esports and Astralisー their latest roster move was the addition of Rafael “saffee” Costa in place of Vinicius “VINI” Figueiredoー and it seems to have paid off at ESL Pro League Season 15.

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FURIA, an organisation that is a staple of the Brazilian esports world, has a fairly long history in Counter-Strike, dating back to late 2017 when the organisation was first founded. The Brazilian orgー that is located in the United Statesー has stuck to its Brazilian blood and solely ever ran fully Brazilian rosters. The only two incidents of non-Brazilians competing under the banner of FURIA in CS:GO came in the form of American Paytyn “1junior” Johnson and German Jan “Swani” Müller, who served as an Analyst. Both of their stints were short lived, however, lasting five and two months, respectively.


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Previous ESL Pro League Runs

With the exception of Season 10, the first ever season of ESL Pro League they competed in, and Season 14, which will be discussed briefly later on, FURIA has had fairly decent runs at ESL Pro League tournaments. In Season 10, they finished in 9th-10th place in the “Americas” region of the tournament with teams such as Cloud9, Complexity, Team Envy, 100 Thieves, Team Liquid, and others. Funny, over half the listed notable organisations that competed in Season 10 in late 2019 are now disbanded. As for other seasons, FURIA has been rather consistent:

Season 11: North America - 03 2020 - 04 2020 - 3rd
Season 12: North America - 09 2020 - 1st
Season 13 - 03 2021 - 04 2021 - 3rd to 4th
Season 14 - 08 2021 - 09 2021 - 17th to 20th

In Season 14, FURIA did not do bad. Well, losing out in the Group Stage may sound pretty bad but they were placed in arguably the toughest group with Gambit, Team Liquid, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Entropiq, and Team oNe. Additionally, due to several complications including roster lock and a positive COVID-19 test, Coach Nicholas "guerri" Nogueira had to step in as the roster's fifth.

FURIA finished in 5th place at a record of 2-3, ahead of their fellow Brazilians at Team oNe who were last and winless. Game record wise, FURIA tied with Entropiq, but finished in 5th due to a round win/loss differential of 19 between them and the Russians.

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ESL Pro League Season 15

Now, FURIA is showing a much stronger performance, much like their previous years. And while this is only the Group Stage, FURIA managed to secure their spot at the top of the group with a record of 4W-1L, serving a loss in their final match against FaZe Clan in a tight best of 3 that saw the final map, Mirage, end at 16-13. FaZe, under the lead of Coach Robert "RobbaN" Dahlström, Analyst Vyacheslav "innersh1ne" Britvina, and In-Game Leader Finn "karrigan" Andersen, finsihed in third with a record of 3W-2L.

ENCE had a surprisingly strong performance and finished second in Group D, meaning that Vitality, Outsiders (Virtus.Pro), and Sprout have all been knocked out in the Group Stage.

Securing first seed in their respective group is a solid achievement for FURIA, as each first seed gets a first round bye and directly qualifies to the Quarter-Finals stage where they will face the BO3 winner of FaZe vs ENCE, who have the disadvantage of playing an extra playoffs round.

FURIA is now in a great position to prove themselves once again, and can realistically make it to the Semi-Finals at the very least. The Grand Finals will be a Best of 5, making it a much more difficult task to take down top dogs such as Natus Vincere, but anything is possible in Counter-Strike. It isn't just DIA DE FURIA, it might be TERNIO DE FURIA.

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