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The Austrian national CS:GO team at the World Championships in Bali

Great start to the international CS:GO LAN event for the Austrian team

Topic: The Austrian national CS:GO team at the World Championships in Bali

It’s time for the 14th IeSF World Championships! More than 600 athletes from around the world are currently competing in six different games at a LAN event in Bali, Indonesia. Part of the event are also six Austrian athletes who are competing in CS:GO and eFootball! In today’s article, you will get a general introduction to the IeSF World Championships and the history of the international Esport event and furthermore a closer insight to the Austrian national team and its athletes.


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IeSF World Championships

IeSF stands for International Esports Federation and is a global organization, based in South Korea, that has the mission to get Esports recognized as a legitimate sport. The first-ever event hosted by the organization was in 2009 and since then 13 World Esports Championships followed! The 14th, currently ongoing event, is featuring the Esport titles CS:GO, CS:GO Female, Dota 2, MLBB, eFootball 2023, Tekken 7 and PUBG Mobile.

This article will mainly focus on the CS:GO part of the event, where the Single Elimination stage just finished! One of the teams that took part in it was Austria, which we will present you more closely soon!

CS:GO Austrian National Team IeSF

Source: IeSF

The Austrian Esport Association

The Austrian Esport Association (short ESVÖ) was first founded in 2007 and has since then committed itself to the social, media, economic and political advancement of electronic sports in Austria. After hosting one of the first Esport events named “GAME CITY” in 2006 the association was also one of eight founding members of the International eSport Federation (IeSF) that got announced in 2008. Since then, ESVÖ hosted several events, established education and training programs, and helped to create leagues like the “eBundesliga”, which is a community of more than 6.000 FIFA players from Austria and the “A1 eSports League”!

"First of all, we are super happy that we can participate here through the qualification via the European Championship in Romania. It is a special honor to be able to represent our country in such a big international competition and to show the other countries how good Austria is in esport."

Austrian Esport team in Bali 2022

Six Austrian players will represent the country in the 2022 IeSF World Championships. For the CS:GO team, consisting of "Maku" Krug, Manuel "Orbit" Sailer, Johannes "Yoshi" Findling, Georg "farmaG" Bauer and Jonathan "xTreMe" Steinhöfler, it’s the second participation after 2021, while the Austrian Esport scene as a whole took part in every single World Championship! The biggest successes were victories by “Monchi” in Starcraft 2 and “GameKing” in Hearthstone, who managed to win the World Championship titles. The sixth player taking part this year is Sascha "SaW" Weinmann, who managed to qualify for eFootball!

"We are proud to be able to offer domestic talents the opportunity to prove themselves on an international stage every year. The IeSF World Championships also supports the cooperation of national e-sports federations and the networking of athletes." ~ Stefan Baloh, Präsident of ESVÖ
CS:GO Austrian National Team IeSF
Source: ESVÖ

First games at the IeSF World Championships 2022

The Austrian CS:GO team had a flawless start to this year’s event by winning the first game against USA 16:04! A great success that was followed up with a 16:10 victory against Namibia. With that, the lineup around main AWP farmaG has already secured its place in the knockout stage of the tournament. The third game against Hongkong decided about the placement going forward!

We had the opportunity to have a short chat with the team about the expectations and goals for the event:

"Our initial goal going into the event was to get through the group stage and qualify for the playoffs. With two wins vs Team USA and Team Namibia we were able to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, our run was dampened a bit by the defeat vs Team Hong Kong, but we had already reached the goal of advancing out of the group."

Playoffs at the IeSF World Championships 2022

After a successful group stage the Austrian national team faced team IESF, a Russian lineup that also plays together as a team apart from the international competitions. A hard challenge that the Austrian lineup could sadly not overcome, as they lost the matchup with 0-2 in maps!

CS:GO Austrian National Team IeSF

Source: ESVÖ


With that the Austrian national team placed 9-16th in Bali. With their two opening wins and an overall strong group stage they can look back to a successful event! We hope you enjoyed today’s article about the IeSF World Championships 2022. Have a great rest of your day everybody and feel free to follow @esvoe and @IeSF_Master on Twitter to stay updated with this year’s Esport World Championship!

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