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The EsportFire CS:GO Skin Awards

Introducing the new Skin Awards

Topic: The EsportFire CS:GO Skin Awards

2022 was an eventful year for CS:GO, especially in terms of skins. Despite a severe lack of content, the incredible community made do with what they had to make one of the greatest years in the history of the CS:GO skin community. Jaw-dropping artwork, hundreds of thousands of dollars in stickers applied, tens of thousands of hours of live and pre-recorded content, and an endless collection of funny, inspiring, and educational tweets all combined to make 2022 an incredible year for the CS:GO skins scene.

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The Introduction of the EsportFire Skin Awards

To round of this incredible year, EsportFire has spent countless hours cultivating a list of 50 individuals who are all nominated across 5 different aspects of the CS:GO skins scene. These people were taken from a much larger list that compiled hundreds of community members, which was thinned into this smaller list thanks to the work of EsportFire’s incredible team. And now that just 10 nominees remain for each category, it is up to the community to decide which individual is the most deserving of recognition in their respective categories. These categories are: Artist of the Year, Crafter of the Year, Skin Streamer of the Year, Skin Youtuber of the Year & Skin Twitter of the Year!

EsportFire CS:GO Skin Awards Categories

How Does Voting Work?

Before we get into descriptions of each category and its nominees, here is a short explanation of how the voting system will work to determine the winner of each category:

Anybody can vote for their favorite nominees at CSGOAwards.com. Simply sign in with your Steam account and click on your chosen candidate. Voting refreshes every 24 hours, so if you can’t decide on which is your favorite, you can spread your daily votes across multiple nominees. Voting will end on the 12 of February, where EsportFire will crown the official winners of each category.

Not sure which person to vote for? Scroll down from the voting section of the page to find descriptions of every nominee, as well as images of their artwork, crafts, content, etc, and make your choice!

Artist of the Year

The artist of the year category features 10 artists who make a wide range of art involving CS:GO skins, from screenshots to detailed renders and even gameplay montages. Despite a variety of styles, they are united by a love for CS:GO and its skins. The following artists were all nominated in the category of Artist of the Year:

EsportFire CS:GO Skin Awards Artist of the Year

Crafter of the Year

But our beloved artists would have nothing to create art for if it werent for our incredible crafters! Each candidate nominated for crafter of the year has devoted large sums of money into created incredibly astetic crafts that are sure to impress anyone with a basic knowledge of CS:GO skins. The following crafters were all nominated in the category of Crafter of the Year:

EsportFire CS:GO Skin Awards Crafter of the Year

Skin Streamer of the Year

With wide ranges of audience sizes and content types, these streamers all make up a different piece of the puzzle when it comes to CS:GO skin content. However, they are a close group and all create content with each other, adding to the incredible sense of community that the CS:GO skins scene has. The following streamers are nominated for the Skin Streamer of the Year category:

EsportFire CS:GO Skin Awards Streamer of the Year

Skin Youtuber of the Year

Similar to the streamer category, the Skin Youtuber of the Year category features 10 talented content creators with a range of audience sizes and demographics. Theyre content ranges from case unboxings to craft creation and more. The following youtubers are nominated for Skin Youtuber of the Year:

EsportFire CS:GO Skin Awards Youtuber of the Year

Skin Twitter of the Year

The final category on EsportFire’s 2022 CS:GO Awards is absolutely stacked with incredibly impactful members of the CS:GO skins scene. Each tweeter plays a massive role in the community, and it is almost impossible to pick between which one to vote for. Luckily, you can vote for different people every 24 hours, so you dont have to worry about picking favorites! The following Twitter accounts are nominated for Skin Twitter of the Year:

EsportFire CS:GO Skin Awards Skin Twitter of the Year

Prizes for the Winners

Thanks to our amazing partner GamerPay we can happily announce that the winners of each category will get a prize bundle worth around 50 Euros! Feel free to check them out via the link above or one of the banners on our page and get yourself free EUR 10 when buying or selling for EUR 35 or more! (*advertisement) In doing so you support projects like this and our page in general. Thanks!

What does the future of the Skin Awards look like?

We strongly believe that the EsportFire Skin Awards are a great feature to further support and entertain the CS:GO community. Award shows have been implemented in all niches around the world to further strengthen the recognition of the individuals that deliver amazing content. For the following years, we're looking forward to including even more categories, such as Skin Creator of the Year, and will also make the nomination process more transparent and open to everyone! The community will be able to submit nominees going into 2023!


The nominees mentioned above are some of the most impactful and important members of the CS:GO skins scene, and it is impossible to imagine the community without them. Be sure to vote for your favorites at CSGOAwards.com, and remember to vote every 24 hours before time runs out on February 12!

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