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The New 3D Feature At GamerPay

Introducing the GamerPay 3D Shop!

Topic: CS:GO GamerPay 3D Shop Update

Welcome to one of the biggest updates a CS:GO marketplace has ever released! The possibility of inspecting the skins we buy ingame has always been a talking point when it comes to marketplaces. Buff163 implemented a feature, where you can inspect the skins on a server, with the disadvantage of having to open your game every time.

What GamerPay released today is probably not only the future of CS:GO skin shopping, but also the future for many different sectors around the world. A 3D market shop, where you can inspect the skins directly in your browser! Check out the article below for more information, some pictures and interview parts with GamerPay!

  jAlex   ZukwiZ

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GamerPay has worked on removing the friction of trading CS:GO skins and assets since its inception. After creating a trusted marketplace for people (13+ years olds) to trade their skins, their latest release has pushed the user experience even further.

The Y-Combinator-backed firm made a first push towards the metaverse, enabling sellers to open their own virtual 3D gun shop to flex and more important give buyers a unique experience when selecting their next playskins.

Inspect skins in a new way

Inspecting skins will never be the same again. As a buyer, or skin lover, you can now enter a 3D shop. You can see all the seller's listed skins and inspect them like you would do in-game. The big difference is that it all runs in your browser - no need to start up CS.

All in all this feature is a new and easy way to inspect an entire shop and see what combo you should rock in your next game. How could you top that? If you find something you like, you can instantly checkout in the 3D shop by visiting the cashier.


Positive feedback

The team at GamerPay has highlighted that the initial feedback on 3D shops have been great. Several within the community have helped to make the first version a reality.

Starting from today, everyone who has skins to sell can open up a shop for free! With that, we engage everybody to try it out and share some feedback. Something GamerPay hopes to get a lot of over the coming weeks.

Several people that have tested the feature with GamerPay have highlighted that it can be a great way to save time, as you can quickly inspect via the browser. Others underline how it can make it easier, as well as more fun, to try out a variety of combos.

One of the co-founders of GamerPay, Martin Lykke Suhr highlights:

“It will remove a lot of friction from the buying experience, now you can walk around in someone's virtual gun shop trying out skins and inspecting them before you make a purchase. It will offer a very special buying experience and also eliminate misunderstandings in terms of what you are getting.”


How it works

The 3D shop works just like GamerPay’s regular shops. A seller lists their items (for free) and afterwards can share their shop link. Under “My shop” you can always access your own shop as well as a link to share it. Next to that, there will also be a button that grants you access to your very own 3D shop. After setting it up you can also easily share it with your friends and customers.

Below you can check out an example of a regular vs a 3D shop:
2D shop: https://gamerpay.gg/shop/3938
New 3D shop: https://3d.gamerpay.gg/3938


The future of the 3D Shop

It is no secret that GamerPay is different from other marketplaces within the skin scene (yes, we love the light-mode) and this is yet another great example of the company wanting to do things a bit differently.

While the first version allows sellers to show the skins they have for sale, the future holds so much more. ZukwiZ, one of the other co-founders of GamerPay points out the potential the team has talked about:

“Today we get designers to create skin showcases of the skins we love. We collect various digital collectibles that live on various mediums. In the near future, we imagine that you have your own private digital space that you can customize and from where you can display and showcase your belongings in a new, cool way. In 6 months you can possibly have a digital apartment with your 5-man stack, packed with Kato crafts, haha!”


Our thoughts on the 3D Shop

When first entering the digital 3D shop I was honestly amazed! You can select all the skins and it feels like inspecting them ingame. I think my honest first reaction in a chat with ZukwiZ describes my feelings best: "Okay I have rarely ever seen anything cooler anywhere. I´m flashed"

If I would need to criticize something it would be the missing option to lower my mouse sense, as for me personally, the movement in the shop feels a bit too fast, but apart from that I‘m looking at one of the best updates and features a skin market place has ever seen!

I´m really excited for the feedback of the community and would also engage you to try out the new feature! I´m honestly convinced that this is one of the coolest features ever released and although I knew what was coming I got absolutely surprised how good it worked out at the end!


We´re looking at one of the most exciting updates we have seen in a long time from any marketplace in CS:GO!

Make sure to follow GamerPay on Twitter! They regularly share news about the development of GamerPay as well as engage with the community like few others.

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