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The story of Dignitas - Legendary CSGO roster

Dignitas decided to quit CSGO for now

Topic: CSGO Dignitas disband roster - The story of Dignitas

Today we're taking a closer look to one of the most legendary CS:GO organizations out there! Dignitas has not only a long history in tournament participations and also successes, but especially a long list of legendary players that were part of the team.

With their latest project they decided to bring some of the most iconic players back together. Sadly soon after the team found together it already started breaking apart and finally decided to disband after some roster changes just now. The story of Dignitas ...

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Short recap of the organization and history

Dignitas was originally founded in late 2003 and is an American Esport organization. With price winnings of around USD 1 Million, they're not up there with the biggest orgs around the world but still had a few bigger successes in the early days of CS:GO. Next to two third-place finishes at Majors, Dignitas was able to win EPICENTER 2016 which is probably also the biggest success for the organization as a whole.

Sadly, although Dignitas was home to many legendary players and characters within CS:GO they were never able to succeed in a big S-Tier event. The only S-Tier event they managed to win was Fragbite Masters Season 2 in 2014 where they took down Titan 3:2 in the finals. In total, they participated in five CSGO Majors.

Their story

In a retrospective, their biggest star lineup that ever played under their banner was in 2014 when the later TSM and Astralis players dupreeh, Xyp9x, device, cajunb, and karrigan were under contract with the organization. Following that lineup further future Astralis star Emil "Magisk" Reif, as well as players like k0nfig, MSL, and RUBINO joined Dignitas.

After trying to form a North American team in 2018, the organization decided to disband in mid-2018. While the legendary Katowice 2014 Dignitas sticker was climbing up to one of the two most expensive and legendary stickers in the game, Dignitas was working on bringing back legends to the organization. In early 2020 they came back to CS:GO with a big BANG.

Their last project

With Dignitas re-joining CS:GO a legendary squad, consisting of f0rest, GeT_RiGhT, Xizt and friberg were reunited. Combined with a young and upcoming AWPer Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli they were expected to once again make it to some bigger events and deliver the fans around the world a fairytale feeling of big childhood heroes coming back together.

Sadly it was soon to be seen that the project doesn't work out as planned and "only" 8 months after the announcement GeT_RiGhT and Xizt left the lineup. Shortly later the organization decided to acquire H4RR3 and HEAP! First was later replaced by Lekr0 and head coach vENdetta had to leave the project in November 2021, being replaced by pita.

The end

Although f0rest and friberg re-signed a new contract in early 2022, the results have just not been there for the team. Til the end the lineup and also fans around the world were hoping they would make it work and be a strong contender for Tier-2 events, as well as runner-ups for the big events.

On 16.06.2022 the organization and players decided that disbanding and giving up on the current project would be the best for all parties. The lineup and project felt like a dream at first but sadly didn't work out as planned. For many casual CSGO enjoyers out there people like GeT_RiGhT, friberg, and f0rest are the reason they got into CSGO and the pro-scene, which makes it even harder to see them fail. All in all nothing but love to a few of the greatest players our community has ever seen, we hope they will come back stronger, in whatever position, to support the game we all love.

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