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Crafts of the Week! - CS:GO Skin Talks

76.600 EUR SPENT!

Welcome to a new series in the category "Skin-Talks". At regular intervals, depending on the number of crafts, there will be new articles on this subject.

  jAlex   Bastert

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Prodigys Reason Desert Hydra

The second most expensive and perhaps most spontaneous craft this week was done by Prodigy. As previously announced by him, the Youtuber and Streamer placed a Katowice 2014 Reason (holo) sticker on the scope of his AWP Desert Hydra on the 25. of September. Although the skin only has a 0.05x float, it is one of the bugged stat skins of the new update and therefore especially rare!

Craft costs: around 30.000 EUR

Prodigy Reason

Desert Hydra 4 * 3DMax (Holo) Kato 15

Not quite in the price range of the previous craft, but still more than worth mentioning: @rmuggz decided to put four Katowice 2015 3DMax (holo) on a 0.02x float Desert Hydra! Definitely a more than successful craft! Also worth mentioning are a Katowice 2014 Fnatic and a Katowice 2014 (holo) NiP Craft on two other Desert Hydras.

Craft costs: around 400 EUR

AWP 3D Max


The first Crown Craft on the new AK-47 Gold Arabesque was done quickly after the release. However, it did not remain long with only one of these crafts. Four players already decided to place four Crowns on the golden AK.

Craft costs: around 1800 EUR per AK

AK four Crown

Krakow 2017 GOLD Set

Another already anticipated craft happened a few days after the release of the new operation. Four Krakow 2017 Gold Stickers by the player KngV were placed on an AK-47 Gold Arabesque and fit perfectly on the newly released skin.

Craft costs: around 800 EUR

AK Krakow


Finally, an incredible craft that many have been waiting for. A Chinese collector called "Paigu" has applied four Katowice 2014 HellRaisers (holos) to the new AWP Desert Hydra. An incredibly coherent and beautiful craft.

Crafts costs: around 35.000 EUR

AWP four HellRaisers

ALIEN eyes on the new M4A1

A quite questionable craft has already been carried out on the new M4A1-S as well. User @MyNamesJAQ decided to put four Dignitas (holo) Cologne 2014 stickers on the field-tested M4 he pulled himself.

Craft costs: around 1400 EUR


Closing words

My personal favourite is definitely the new HellRaisers (holo) Craft, which fits perfectly with the style of the new AWP. What''s your favourite new craft? Write it in the Twitter comments. If we missed a noteworthy craft, feel free to comment it as well!

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