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misutaaa - biography, career and interesting facts

The young Frenchman


NOTE: The player section is a bit outdated! Information could have changed! We will try to update the articles as soon as possible, thanks for understanding!

Kévin "misutaaa" Rabier is a French CS:GO player who is currently under contract with Vitality. The 18-years-old player convinced more and more since his signing and improved constantly. Currently he is active in a six man roster for the French top team.

While IGL apEX still talked about problems to get the young Rifler accustomed to the incredibly high level when he joined at the beginning of the year, there were already no signs of possible difficulties a little later. By the end of the year, misutaaa integrated perfectly into the lineup and performed his duties magnificently.

While he regularly posts updates on his Twitter about the latest game results, he likes to show himself on Instagram with his teammates. Numerous pictures from the training camp, but also all leisure activities can be found here. Like most players, the Frenchman does not use his Facebook page.

Furthermore, misutaaa tries to keep his other social media active with Youtube and Twitch. While he streams from time to time, he regularly uploads highlight videos to his Youtube channel. He has around 40,000 active viewers on this platform.

misutaaa - Career

The young Frenchman started his career in 2017 and played for numerous different teams in various C-tier tournaments. Among other things, he participated in the IEM Europe Qualifier with the team "PressZ". In the same year, he tried to qualify for the PGL Major together with team "MeMyself&I", but was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Minor Qualifiers.

At the end of 2018, misutaaa moved to team "Make Your Destiny", with which he also played Vitality for the first time at the World Electronic Sports Games. The lineup of the French top team at that time consisted of NBK-, apEX, Happy, RpK and ZywOo. Kévin lost quite clearly with his team in this duel.

Via the team "Wonderkids", where he played at the beginning of 2020, he switched to Vitality on 05.03.2020. Previously, he already played with his current teammate Nivera. Kévin replaced IGL ALEX, who resigned from the team due to personal problems. However, the role of the IGL was taken over by veteran apEX, misutaaa joined the team as Rifler.

misutaaa - Achievements

Before joining Vitality , Kévin participated in only one B-Tier event before entering the ESL Pro League Season 11 and competing among the world's elite in his first tournament. Within the first year at Vitality , he already played in nine S-Tier tournaments. After a mediocre start to the year, Vitality continued to improve. Together with misutaaa, the team won two S-Tier events at the BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 and the IEM Masters Beijing.

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