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shox - biography, career and interesting facts

Journey of a Legend


NOTE: The player section is a bit outdated! Information could have changed! We will try to update the articles as soon as possible, thanks for understanding!

Richard "shox" Papillon was born on 27 May 1992 in France and has been playing Counter Strike since the very beginning. His career began back in 2006 and he still plays in the best teams of the world.

He is very active on Twitter with around 250,000 followers and also regularly uses Instagram and Facebook. With his wife, Djalila Papillon, the now 28-year-old has been married since mid-2019 and has a son. However, the two post very little about their private life. Only their shared fondness for tattoos is known.

His role in the team is Rifler, who specialises in lurking. Nicknames like shoxieJESUS are widespread and his total tournament winnings are estimated at around 600,000 USD. Richard always stood out with his positive, almost over-excited manner. One of his main sponsors is Skinbaron, Vitality is also sponsored by Renault, RedBull, Adidas and Corsair.

shox - Career

Richard "shox" Papillon's career is one of the most impressive and longest in CS:GO history. At the age of 14, he already played in his first Counter Strike: Source team. Over the next six years, the young Frenchman played on numerous teams. The best known of these were Team LDLC, 3DMAX and VeryGames. Incidentally, Shox began playing Counter-Strike at the age of nine and started with version 1.2.

Shox started his CS:GO career together with apEX and ScreaM at Epsilon Esports, a Belgian organisation. Without playing a single official game, the team left the organisation for Millenium a short time later. The next few years were also marked by numerous transfers. Thus, Richard played in 14 different teams over the next four years.

His first longer stay was with G2 Esports, where the Frenchman was under contract for around 3 ½ years. After a brief period of inactivity in 2018, he returned to the active lineup once again for around a year.

As a replacement for NBK-, shox joined his long-time companion apEX at Vitality. The French roster at the time had great potential and one of the biggest young talents in ZywOo within their roster and were looking for another experienced player. Richard recently announced in an interview (Dec.2020) how happy he is with his current situation and that he is currently playing in the best lineup of his active career.

shox - Achievements

The 28-year-old already achieved his first tournament victories in 2008. He won his first S-Tier tournament in 2011 with VeryGames, with whom he also took part in his first Major tournament around two years later. At DreamHack Winter 2013, the French lineup reached third place and was only defeated by NiP in the semi-finals. For Richard, 14 more Major participations and a victory at DreamHack Winter 2014 against LDLC followed.

The biggest accomplishments of his career, alongside the Major success in 2014, were also due to the steadily growing prize money, at G2 and Vitality. While he won DreamHack Masters Malmö and ESL Pro League Season 5 with G2, he and his teammates at Vitality were successful at EPICENTER 2019 and Intel Extreme Masters - Beijing.

French esports medium VaKarM published an in-depth English-language documentary about shox's life called „Journey of a Legend“ . This video title describes shox's life well. Richard "shox" Papillon is one of the legends of this sport and will hopefully stay in the scene for a long time. Chapeau

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