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G2 Team Review - Data and Facts

Star ensemble

G2 - History

Topic: CS:GO G2 team/lineup/history/archievements

G2 is an originally Spanish Esport Organization with headquarters in Germany. The long-standing French lineup decided to switch to an international roster at the end of last year. G2 was founded in 2013 and joined CS:GO almost two years later.

G2 - Archievments & price money

The organization has already achieved a number of S-tier successes with their CS:GO teams, but a really big title has yet to come. While the big tournament win is still missing they managed to place second at IEM Cologne 2021 and also the PGL Major in Stockholm. A total prize money of around 3.1 million USD is nevertheless considerable.

G2 - Previous lineups & players

After a polish lineup in 2015 centered around IGL innocent, in 2016 a mostly nordic lineup built around Maikelele and rain has been established. In the following three years the focus was on French and initially Belgian players. Practically the entire current Vitality lineup with the exception of ZywOo already played together at G2. KennyS had to leave the team at the beginning of 2021 after a lack of success.

Since the end of 2019, the current team consisted of the two young stars huNter- and nexa, who completed the French lineup. Due to fluctuating performances, the organization decided at the end of 2020 to buy NiKo out of his contract at FaZe and to further strengthen the team. After first JaCkz was removed from the active lineup, finally kennyS had to leave and Audric returned to the team. After the PGL Major coach maLeK had to leave the lineup. The decision was already made before the event.

G2 - World-Ranking & current players

Over the winter break 2021/22, G2 decided to further change the lineup. As a replacement for AMANEK as the main AWP they bought m0NESY from NAVI Joungsters and completed a swap deal with OG between nexa and Aleksib, who will be the new IGL of G2 Esports.

Current lineup of G2:

G2 IGL: Aleksib
G2 Riflers: JaCkz, huNter, NiKo
G2 Coach: XTQZZZ
G2 Substitutes:
AMANEK, kennyS

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fr-Flagge JACKZ ba-Flagge NiKo ru-Flagge m0NESY fi-Flagge Aleksib ba-Flagge huNter- fr-Flagge AMANEK + kennyS (SUBSTITUTE)


fr-Flagge XTQZZZ

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