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MOUZ lineup, history, achievements - CS2

German mixed team

MOUZ - History

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Topic: CS:GO MOUZ team/lineup/history/achievements

The German organization represents one of the oldest CS:GO and also Esport organizations in the world. Founded in 2002, they immediately joined Counter Strike and are still at the top of the world. The initially German lineups were changed into a European mixed team in 2019.

MOUZ - Archievments & price money

The team has not yet achieved a major triumph, but several S-Tier successes are on the books. The most successful time for mousesports were the years 2018&2019, in which they achieved the biggest accomplishments. The two greatest achievements for the team in terms of prize money were victories at the CS:GO Asia Championship 2019 and the ESL Pro League Season 10. The total prize money for the team is around 3.7 million USD.

MOUZ - Previous lineups & players

In addition to the numerous German players that mousesports has already had under contract, G2 NiKo in particular is one of the best-known individuals. Snax and woxic are also influential people in the CS:GO industry, who already played for mouz. The last lineup was probably the most successful ever and the decision to change the team to a European mixed team was a good one. IGL and team captain karrigan built an absolute top team out of single individuals, but left mouz at the beginning of 2021 for FaZe Clan.

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MOUZ - World-Ranking & current players

On Jan. 23, 2021, Mousesports announced the signing of acoR, who replaced chrisJ as the main AWP. Also karrigan left the team at the beginning of February and was replaced by dexter, who will take over the role of IGL.

Current lineup of MOUZ:

MOUZ IGL: dexter
MOUZ Riflers: ropz, frozen, Bymas
MOUZ Coach: mithR

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