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Best Cheap LR-300 Skins in Rust - 2024

10 Amazing, Budget LR-300 Skins in Rust

Topic: Best Cheap LR-300 Skins in Rust - 2024

The LR-300 is a fast-firing and accurate rifle in Rust. It is surprisingly the only military-grade rifle in Rust meaning it is much rarer than other non-military weapons in Rust and must be found through Elite Crates or Event Crates. It takes on the appearance of an AR-15 and acts as a beautiful canvas for these skins to be painted on. Here are the top-10 budget LR-300 skins in Rust.

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LR-300 | Azul (USD 0.65)

To start our list off, we have the Azul LR-300. It has a navy blue base with azul coloring overtop it in a paint-stroke pattern across the body, magazine, and weapon stock. It also has a custom handguard with a unique key lock pattern on the side. The Azul LR-300 is the cheapest LR-300 skin and is perfect for a budget blue skin.

Best Cheap LR-300 skins - Azul

LR-300 | Shimmering (USD 0.66)

The Shimmering LR-300 is one of the most beautiful LR-300 skins in the game. It has a literal shimmer effect when you move around the weapon in-game, it creates an almost holographic effect and is extremely underrated for its price. The Shimmering LR-300 sets a new standard for Rust skins and makes it a splendid choice for a more flashy collection.

Best Cheap LR-300 skins - Shimmering

LR-300 | Cyber Code (USD 0.69)

The Cyber Code LR-300 looks straight out of The Matrix. The carbon fiber design makes a perfect fit for the green code and accents to shine. The exposed wiring above the magazine helps visually establish just how remarkable this skin is. Furthermore, the skin pairs really nicely with a black or green armor set.

Best Cheap LR-300 skins - Cyber Code

LR-300 | Doodle (USD 0.71)

The Doodle LR-300 is more than just something the creator drew when they were bored. While the black-and-white theme is mostly overused, the doodles help this skin differentiate itself from others. It also does a great job of using the two colors to make the crisp red accents of the skin its own selling point.

Best Cheap LR-300 skins - Doodle

LR-300 | Atomic (USD 0.73)

The Atomic LR-300 takes a cartoonish approach to the LR-300. The wasteland feeling given off by Rust is brilliantly encapsulated in this skin. The nuke theme works amazingly with the bold green colors. The minute details really sell the skin with the skull representing the nuke explosion and the jaw flooding out across the skin which seems to have killed the trees. The skin is a snug fit for any wasteland-themed collection.

Best Cheap LR-300 skins - Atomic

LR-300 | Lovely (USD 0.73)

The Lovely LR-300 is, well, a lovely skin. Its washed-out heart design on the body is the main focus of the skin with the white handguard and golden accessories complimenting it well. The skin does an outstanding job of presenting a cute, bright, and pink theme without it becoming excessive and overbearing.

Best Cheap LR-300 skins - Lovely

LR-300 | Overdrive (USD 0.78)

Next up for our list of the best cheap LR-300 skins in Rust is the Overdrive, which is the most unique LR-300 skin in the game. It looks heavily inspired by classic monster truck designs. The finish line pattern on the handguard, caution design on the top rail, and fire coming from the magazine, all greatly help complete the look. However, the shark mouth design at the center of the gun is what makes it stand out the most.

Best Cheap LR-300 skins - Overdrive

LR-300 | Bombing (USD 0.82)

The Bombing skin collection has once again made its way on the list. Its design blends superbly into the game and its attention to detail is unmatched. It shares all the same graffiti artwork as the other pieces from the bombing set but also has a neat skull and graffiti-can design on the body which is unique to the LR-300 variant of the skin.

Best Cheap LR-300 skins - Bombing

LR-300 | Monster (USD 0.85)

The Monster LR-300 is the only mainly purple LR-300 on the list but it deserves to be the only one for how great it is. The monsters that may remind you of the ones from CS2’s Overpass are beautifully drawn and the color palette is extremely diverse and helps the skin flourish. The skin serves as a great addition to a more colorful inventory.

Best Cheap LR-300 skins - Monster

LR-300 | Blackboard (USD 0.86)

The Blackboard LR-300 has the iconic look you’d expect from a skin with its name. The creator managed to sneak in a few easter eggs relating to Rust. On the receiver of the gun, you can see a Pookie bear and a pumpkin with the same design as the in-game models.

Best Cheap LR-300 skins - Blackboard


That is all for our Top 10 Best Cheap LR-300 Skins in Rust. If you enjoyed this article check out our other article on the Best Cheap Assault Rifle Skins in Rust. Have an amazing day!

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