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Best Cheap Rust Skins

13 of the best cheap rust skins

Topic: Best Cheap Rust Skins

Welcome to this week's Rust feature. In this article, we will be covering the best cheap Rust skins. These skins are sure to spice up your inventory whether you’re on a budget or just want some generally good skins.

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Training Assault Rifle (USD 0.77)

The Training Assault Rifle is perfect for any gym enthusiast. The skin's design looks like an Adidas tracksuit wrapped and fitted around the Assault Rifle. With a simple black-and-white gym design, the Training AR is perfect for someone who wants a cheap and simple inventory.

Best Cheap Rust Skins - Training Assault Rifle

LR-300 | Monster (USD 0.85)

The LR-300 Monster is a wonderful pickup for those who like the urban graffiti theme. It features a group of neatly doodled monsters all peering up into the sky. The artist of this skin did an extraordinary job of giving each monster its own expression. This skin serves as a great reminder that there is a monster inside of every Rust player.

Best Cheap Rust Skins - LR-300 | Monster

Shimmer Double Barrel Shotgun (USD 0.87)

The Shimmering Double Barrel Shotgun is undoubtedly one of the best Double Barrel Shotgun skins in the game and deserves a place on our list of the best cheap rust skins. The holographic illusion given by the two long shimmering pipes is one that is impossible to ignore. It is an ideal fit for anyone with a flashy inventory.

Best Cheap Rust Skins - Shimmer Double Barrel Shotgun

Monument Memories Semi-Automatic Rifle (USD 0.90)

The Monument Memories Semi-Automatic Rifle is great for any long-time Rust players. It reminisces on classic monuments, the Dome, Water Treatment Plant, Lighthouse, and Cargo all make an appearance on the skin. It is a great budget blue skin to make even more Rust memories with.

Best Cheap Rust Skins - Monument Memories Semi-Automatic Rifle

Noir Python (USD 0.98)

The Noir Python is a great budget skin with its fully black and white noir design it can be perfect for anyone wanting to roleplay a detective or sheriff. Noir is a classic genre of crime films that usually takes place around the 1940s. You always see them as black-and-white movies with a big crime taking place and detectives working hard to solve them. The creator of the Noir Python did a great job incorporating this theme into his skin.

Best Cheap Rust Skins - Noir Python

Banger MP5 (USD 1.08)

The Banger MP5 has a classic cartoon style that sets it apart from the other MP5 skins. The playful designs, beautiful clash of colors, wooden stock, and purple receiver all transform it into a beautiful piece of art perfect for any budget inventory.

Best Cheap Rust Skins - Banger MP5

Rainbow Pony L96 (USD 1.10)

The Rainbow Pony L96 is quite literally a vomit of colors. While definitely not everyone's cup of tea, with few options to choose from the Rainbow Pony L96 is one of the best choices for a clean budget skin. The neat stars and clouds placed around the rainbow spewing out of the pony’s mouth were the perfect detail to make this skin worthy of the list.

Best Cheap Rust Skins - Rainbow Pony L96

Toxic Wolf M249 (USD 1.10)

The Toxic Wolf M249 is surprisingly one of two total green skins for the weapon and for us definitely one of the best cheap Rust skins existing. You can see the toxic wolf in the center leaking poison everywhere, then if you look you can also see poison seeping out of the mag and front of the gun. These artists go above and beyond to add these extra details you might not see at first. This skin is a superb fit for any green inventory.

Best Cheap Rust Skins - Toxic Wolf M249

Tempered M39 (USD 1.23)

When you look at the tempered finish in Rust one thing probably instantly comes to mind, the CS2 fade finish. The tempered finish is amazingly executed and perfect for fade lovers. While a lot of the tempered skins are on the more expensive side, the tempered m39 is surprisingly cheap and a great budget skin.

Best Cheap Rust Skins - Tempered M39

Toy Custom SMG (USD 1.42)

What is there even to be said? Just look at this masterpiece of a skin. The battery being the mag and the spring’s dull color contrasting the childish colors of the rest of the skin. Absolutely beautiful and a great idea for a Custom SMG skin for any inventory.

Best Cheap Rust Skins - Toy Custom SMG

Cold Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle (USD 1.58)

The Cold Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle looks like it has been buried in the snow for years. The cracked ice design gives an extremely unique and creative look you can’t find on the other Bolt-Action Rifle skins. It’s so lovely how the creator took gravity into account while making this skin by showing how the snow on the bottom of the grip has fallen off after being shaken off while the weapon was used.

Best Cheap Rust Skins - Cold Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle

Weather Thompson (USD 1.64)

Speaking of the snow, we have the Weather Thompson. The Weather Thompson may remind you a lot of the Rainbow Pony skins with the clouds and the rainbows, however, this skin is made by a completely different creator. The blending colors and neat cloud designs on the magazine and receiver of the weapon are what helped this skin make the list.

Best Cheap Rust Skins - Weather Thompson

Base Invaders Semi-Automatic Pistol (USD 1.73)

Space Invaders, the classic retro shooter that conquered the arcade days of the 1980s brought to you in perfect Rust form. Instead of Space Invaders, we have Base Invaders! The skin shows explosion designs to replicate that of blowing into someone's base hence the name Base Invaders.

Best Cheap Rust Skins - Base Invaders Semi-Automatic Pistol


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best cheapest skins in Rust! If none of these skins piqued your interest, remember there are thousands to choose from and you can check out our article on How To Inspect Any Skin In Rust if you’re interested. Have an amazing day!

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