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Best Cheap Thompson Skins in Rust

10 of the best cheap Rust skins for Thompson

Topic: Best Cheap Thompson Skins in Rust

Welcome to this week’s feature where we will discuss the best cheap Thompson skins in Rust. With a wide variety to choose from we have narrowed it down to our top 10, and we hope you can find a skin that you enjoy. Without further ado let's get straight into the article.

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Chocolate Hunter Thompson (USD 1.02)

Coming first on the list is the Chocolate Hunter Thompson. This Easter-themed skin is one of magnificence, the neat chocolate body with the marshmallow melting around it gives the skin a very playful look. Adding the candy wrappers around the handguard and pistol grip was also a neat touch so your hands don’t melt the chocolate.

Best Cheap Thompson Skins

Glister Thompson (USD 1.06)

The Glister Thompson uses a neat glitter fade design that lights up in the sun. The artist's choice to not completely cover the Thompson and leave some spots black with no glitter was very creative and made it stand out. This skin is a great choice for a budget-colorful inventory.

Best Cheap Thompson Skins

Bombing Thompson (USD 1.09)

The Bombing finish may be the best skin finish in all of Rust. Its amazing graffiti design helps it make the list every time the weapon has a finish for it. To add to the design it has the text “Bombing” along the receiver and a drawing of a knife on the handguard, likely in reference to a bayonet on the end of the gun. This overall is a great skin and a wonderful choice for anyone looking for a more realistic and rustic inventory.

Best Cheap Thompson Skins

Mysterious Cult Thompson (USD 1.17)

The Mysterious Cult Thompson is a neat blue Thompson with cult engravings along it. The black and blue design makes it a nice and simple Thompson that can fit most budget inventories and the engravings give it a unique touch that adds a little spook to the skin.

Best Cheap Thompson Skins

Weather Thompson (USD 1.19)

The Weather Thompson is a cutesy and childish skin. The playful red and blue color pattern with the rainbow across the receiver makes the skin look straight out of a children’s book. The clouds have little faces, the whole skin looks almost hand-drawn. This is a perfect budget skin to bring out the inner child in every Rust player.

Best Cheap Thompson Skins

Panther Thompson (USD 1.20)

The panther is a creature of stealth and power, upon first looking at this Thompson you may not even notice the panther's eye looking directly at you. Its distinctive yellow glow perfectly contrasts the black topography design across the rest of the Thompson. A perfect budget skin if you want to sneak like a panther.

Best Cheap Thompson Skins

Lunar Thompson (USD 1.39)

The Lunar Thompson is made up of moon rocks. Craters litter the gun with holes in almost random patterns across the entirety of the skin. Its white and gray design along with the depth given to it by the craters and the texture of the handguard make it blend perfectly into any budget white inventory.

Best Cheap Thompson Skins

Thompsonana Thompson (USD 1.52)

The Thompsonana Thompson brings the fruit straight into Rust. It has all the details you’d expect from a banana gun, the sticker, the ripeness, and even the browning. The creator of this skin did a great job of making it look like an actual real banana while still keeping it grounded enough to be a great-looking budget skin for the Thompson.

Best Cheap Thompson Skins

Slime Monster Thompson (USD 1.83)

The Slime Monster Thompson is disgusting. Its eyes peer at you from all angles, its slime seeps around your hands. You feel the teeth biting into you as you hold the gun. Its creepy design looking like it came straight from someone's nightmares allows it to be a great fit for any spooky or green-budget inventory.

Best Cheap Thompson Skins

Chameleon Thompson (USD 2.04)

The Chameleon Thompson is an absolute beauty. It is one of few skins in Rust that have an actual holo-effect. It has a purple and green sheen that changes colors when you move the Thompson around. This is by far the best budget skin for the Thompson and an awesome pickup for your inventory.

Best Cheap Thompson Skins


We hope you have enjoyed our article on the best cheap Thompson skins in Rust. If you’re looking for even more great budget skins check out our article on Best Cheap MP5 Skins in Rust. Have a wonderful day!

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