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CS2 "A Call To Arms" Update FAQ

New "A Call To Arms" Update Got Released!

Topic: CS2 "A Call To Arms" Update FAQ

The recent “A Call To Arms” update is the first major content update released in CS2. It brought back the beloved Arms Race game mode, added many new cosmetics, added a new XP progression system, and even new gameplay mechanics. In this feature, expect all your questions about the newly released CS2 update to be answered.

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How do I access the Arms Race game mode?

The “Arms Race” game mode can be accessed like any other game mode through the Matchmaking tab in CS2. Currently, the game mode only features reworked versions of the maps Baggage and Shoots.

A Call to Arms - Update FAQ

Can you apply 5 stickers to any weapon now?

Yes, any weapon can now have up to 5 stickers applied to them at once. Any previous skin you have owned will now have an extra slot for a sticker. You can even apply stickers to any Zeus x27 in your inventory. The G3SG1 and the R8 Revolver could previously hold up to 5 stickers and remain at this number.

How does the custom sticker placement mechanic work?

When you attempt to apply a sticker onto any weapon you will be greeted with a revamped menu. You will be allowed to drag the sticker anywhere along the gun as you please and rotate the sticker using your scroll wheel. The original sticker positions remain as options if you prefer the old look. There is also a button to inspect a skin in first person before you apply the sticker and another button for changing camera angles at the bottom of the Apply Sticker menu.

A Call to Arms - Update FAQ

How do I obtain the new Kilowatt case?

The new case can be obtained the same way as any other case through your weekly level drops. The case is also purchasable through the Steam Community Market.

How does the XP Overlord system work?

Whenever you obtain all your weekly XP (11,166 to be exact) and reach reduced XP gains, you will be given a status symbol that will appear on your profile, scoreboard, and kill feed, and is also visible to other players. The status symbol updates every week in a row you reach your weekly XP cap until you miss a week and have to start over.

A Call to Arms - Update FAQ

Is the Zeus x27 really rechargeable?

Yes! The Zeus x27 now recharges over a 30-second timer after being fired. You can keep up with this timer by looking at the battery charge located on the back of the Zeus.

Are the preset sticker positions changed?

A few preset sticker positions have been changed, most notably the position on the back of the Nova is no longer there. Also, sticker sizes have been streamlined. This means no more tiny stickers on the back of your Novas, or sticker positions that are bigger than others like the well-known sticker position on the P90. However, it is important to note, that already existing skins with stickers applied kept their original sizes and positions.

A Call to Arms - Update FAQ

What cosmetics were added with this update?

A new case featuring 17 community-designed weapon finishes, a skin for the Zeus x27, and the new Kukri knife with the original finishes. You can find a more in-depth look at the new case here. Along with the new case, a new sticker capsule and 6 new music kits all available in StatTrak were added.


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