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CS:GO DreamHack Sticker Crafts | Craft-Talks Special Edition

Special Edition: DreamHack CS:GO Sticker Crafts

Topic: CS:GO DreamHack Sticker Crafts | Craft-Talks Special Edition

Welcome to a special edition of our regular Craft-Talks series! As there were just too many to fit them in the last article we decided to publish a little extra piece regarding the multiple beautiful CS:GO DreamHack sticker crafts that happened lately.

We wish you a lot of fun reading and watching through today's article featuring 10 unique DreamHack 2014 sticker crafts! A little spoiler: One of the stickers was applied 20 times, could you guess which one? Make sure to let us know your favorite crafts on our Social Media!

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Rainbow MAG-7

One of the main attributes of the Dreamhack 2014 Holo stickers is the wide color spectrum that is combined with an absolutely beautiful Holo effect on nearly all stickers! The first craft of today's article was made by @At424_ and showcases that perfectly. He applied four Dreamhack 2014 Fnatic Holo stickers on a MAG-7 BI83 Spectrum with an insane float of .00008! The total applied value is USD 350!

CS:GO DreamHack Sticker Crafts

NiP DreamHack lovers

After quite some time, we finally got a new craft from the master himself: @PizzzaBot. He did another banger craft with his absolute favorites: The NiP Holo stickers! The beloved collector and artist decided to apply four Dreamhack 2014 NiP Holo stickers on the recently released USP-S Printstream. With that, he created an amazing one out of one DreamHack 2014 sticker combo. The USP is the perfect completion of his overall amazing Printstream collection. All of them logically got four Dreamhack 2014 NIP Holos applied! The craft sums up to around USD 144!

CS:GO DreamHack Sticker Crafts

On the same path

For now, we will stay in a very similar segment as we got another newly created white USP beauty! This time the crafter is @Bastert55, another beloved part of the CS:GO Twitter and artwork community. He decided to take a more classy approach and applied four Dreamhack 2014 NIP Holo stickers on the legendary USP-S Road Rash. Even more surprising than for our last one: It also is a one out of one craft! The applied amount is once again USD 144!

CS:GO DreamHack Sticker Crafts

New case, old sticker

We all love the classic and beautiful crafts, but in the end, we always remember the craziest ones best! So we are glad to show you the most unexpected craft of this series... It's a skin of the new case and the used stickers are two Dreamhack 2014 Fnatic Holos, which together are worth around USD 175! Could you guess the skin? No worries we wouldn't either. The stickers were applied on the newly released Dual Berettas Flora Carnivora with a crazy float of .42000! What do you think about that craft? Let us know on our Social Media!

CS:GO DreamHack Sticker Crafts

An old friend!

After getting featured in the main Craft-Talks article a few days ago with his Katowice 2015 Holo crafts, @jklsinclair is also part of our DreamHack sticker crafts special edition! This time around he went for a low float skin once again, choosing the third lowest float SSG 08 Turbo Peek in StatTrak with a float of 0.0002. Onto it he applied four Dreamhack 2014 Dignitas Holos, making a beautiful fit and another one out of one craft in today's article. The applied stickers have a value of USD 435!

CS:GO DreamHack Sticker Crafts

Budget AK

*Introduction* - We got so many crafts with that sticker that it became quite hard to find inspiration for the introduction. This time the craft is made on the lovely T-side rifle known as Galil-AR. The crafter applied four of the legendary Dreamhack 2014 NiP Holo stickers on a Galil-AR Destroyer but not any, the number three lowest float (.000003)! Overall a very well fitting DreamHack 2014 sticker craft.

CS:GO DreamHack Sticker Crafts

Some more colors

After seeing so many crafts with a similar character, we now come back to a more colorful craft! The crafter we are talking about is once again @jklsinclair and we love to see it! This time around the skin he crafted on is "just" the 5th lowest float. He applied four Dreamhack 2014 Fnatic Holo stickers with a total value of USD 350 on the MAC-10 Neon Rider with a float of .0004! Another amazing combination.

CS:GO DreamHack Sticker Crafts


So many low float crafts - yet not a number one so far, it's about time to change that, right? Well we did find something very special! The crafter used the lowest float M4A4 Poly Mag with a float of .000003, to replicate a craft that has already been done once ... He applied four Dreamhack 2014 NiP Holo stickers on it, and now is the second person to own that exact craft next to @PizzzaBot who also crafted it quite some time ago!

CS:GO DreamHack Sticker Crafts

Not a Holo

After so many crafts made with Holo stickers, it's refreshing to see something else, right? The craft we're talking about was done by @OfficialRepo, a guy who decided to craft quite a few one out of one Dreamhack combos lately! This time he applied four Dreamhack 2014 Virtus.Pro Foils on an AWP Boom in Factory-New. Such an old-school skin and sticker, but surprisingly still a one out of one DreamHack craft - amazing! The total applied amount is USD 115!

CS:GO DreamHack Sticker Crafts

Ending as we Ride

What a better ending could we imagine than another craft with the main character of this article? The craft was done by the just-announced Dreamhack enjoyer @OfficialRepo! This time he applied four Dreamhack 2014 NIP Holos on the amazing Glock-18 Sand Dune! Such a lovely combination and again very surprising that it hasn't been made in all those years. We're glad to have it now! As you could imagine the applied amount is once again USD 144!

CS:GO DreamHack Sticker Crafts


We hope you enjoyed today's article about some CS:GO DreamHack sticker crafts. If you want to see more special editions about some stickers make sure to let us know on our Social Media! Have a great rest of your day and if you want to see more Skin related articles check out the link below.

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