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Sticker Spotlight - Howling Dawn supply, price, crafts & trend

Crafts, prices & supply Howling Dawn - Sticker Spotlight #4

Topic: Sticker Spotlight - Howling Dawn supply, price, crafts & trend

Welcome to our fourth article in the CS:GO „Sticker spotlight“ series. Today we are going to feature the last discontinued sticker that we currently have in CS:GO. We're talking about another unique and old sticker that we will give you some general information about, as well as talk about the current price development and some amazing crafts. In today’s article, we will be covering the legendary sticker „Howling Dawn“.

  Exerpas   Andy

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Howling Dawn - General Information

It’s time to cover the sticker that started it all and changed the game forever in some aspects. It’s time to take a look into the infamous, legendary, rare, and most importantly discontinued sticker known as “Howling Dawn”. Let’s get started with the story of this sticker and why you can’t unbox it anymore in CS:GO.

It all began on the 23rd of March 2014 when Steam workshop artists “sic” and “auzzii” posted a sticker called “Howling Dawn” on the Steam workshop page. It contained three sticker designs for the Howling Dawn sticker: “Paperback”, “Embossed Foil” and “Holographic Foil”. On each one of those, it was stated that “sic” was the one that produced it and that the artwork was done by “Auzzii”.

Seven days later on the 30th of March 2014, we got another submission on the Steam workshop by “sic” and “auzzii”. They’ve published the legendary M4 known as “M4A4 Howling Dawn”. It was stated that this item was produced and designed by “sic” and that the artwork was done by “auzzii”. Both items from the Workshop artists “sic” and “auzzii” were added to the game on the 1st of May 2014 with an update called “The Hunt Begins”. M4A4 Howling Dawn was introduced in the Huntsman case as a covert rarity skin alongside the AK-47 Vulcan, while the Howling Dawn sticker was introduced in the Community Sticker Capsule 1 as a high-grade sticker alongside 17 other stickers that were taken from different Steam workshop artist submissions.

CS:GO Howling Dawn
Now let's get into the interesting part of the story. On the 12th of July 2014, around a month and a half after both the “M4A4 Howling Dawn” and “Howling Dawn” sticker were introduced to the game they were both removed. The M4A4 Howling Dawn was removed from the Huntsman case. But that skin was not the only one that was removed, alongside it four more skins that were made by the Steam workshop artist “sic” got removed from the case: MAC-10 Cursed, USP-S Orion, CZ75-Auto Poiston Dart, and P90 Desert Warfare.

Furthermore, the Howling Dawn sticker was removed from the Community Sticker Capsule 1 on which “sic” worked with his partner “auz zii”, but as you might have guessed, that wasn’t the only sticker that was removed. In case you’ve seen our last few Sticker Spotlight articles, you already know about which stickers we are talking about. In case you didn't, let us give you a heads-up. Those are: “King on the Field”, “Winged Defuser” and “Harp of War (Holo)”.

Now that you know which stickers were removed and when they got removed. You might question yourself. Why did that happen? Well, it’s simple. Valve has decided to take down all of the items and Steam workshop submissions that were made by “sic” and “auzzii”. The main reason behind that is that the M4A4 Howling Dawn was not originally created by both of those artists. The M4A4 Howling Dawn was taken down due to copyrighted content. It turned out that the design was stolen by “auzzii” from another person that didn’t permit him to upload his piece of art onto the Steam workshop. “Auzzii” stated that the design that he and “sic” created originated from a picture of his dog in the description of the Workshop submission. As we already know, that happened to not be true. “sic” stole that picture and didn't give any credit to the original owner. Valve was aware of the seriousness of the situation and all of the mentioned items, both from the case and sticker capsule were removed. Those items today are assigned as rarity known as “Contraband” and won’t ever be introduced to the game again.

I hope this sums up everything you need to know about discontinued stickers and skins that were in the Huntsman case and the Community Sticker Capsule 1. Now, let’s give all the spotlight to the Howling Dawn sticker that we currently still have in the game, to be more precise: A recreated version from Valve.

CS:GO Howling Dawn

Howling Dawn - Sticker Supply

The sticker supply of the Howling Dawn is the highest of any other discontinued sticker out there. There are currently a total of 291 tradable and 74 confirmed banned Howling Dawn stickers. With that, the Howling Dawn sticker is also the one with the most banned exemplars. There are almost two times more Howling Dawn stickers than the supply of the other discontinued stickers. Looks like people back in 2014 were really big fans of the Howling Dawn sticker since the supply is really big compared to others.

CS:GO Howling Dawn Supply

Howling Dawn - Sticker Crafts

Let’s look at some of the insanely good-looking Howling Dawn sticker crafts that have been created since its release. There are a total of 16709 skins with at least one Howling Dawn sticker applied and in total 59 four times Howling Dawn sticker crafts. A craft that you would most likely expect to exist is the M4A4 Howl with four Howling Dawn stickers applied and in fact, it does exist. Not only once, but seven times. It’s worth mentioning that even though the stickers are expensive and rare we are still seeing them getting crafted. An awesome example of that is a M4A1-S Welcome to the Jungle from the 2021 Ancient Collection. A mix of orange and red also looks really good on the AWP Boom owned by @scrubthulu. The base red colors are also a perfect match for an AK Red Laminate owned by the professional CSGO player @kRYSTALcsgoo.

CS:GO Howling Dawn
The good look of this sticker goes nicely together with the AK-47 Redline and AWP Redline. There are 17 four-times Howling Dawn AK-47 Redlines out there, summing up to around ~29% of the total four-time crafts. There is also a four times craft on the well-known AWP Dragon Lore.

CS:GO Howling Dawn
Furthermore there are a decent amount of good-looking pistols out there with four times Howling Dawn sticker crafts in CS:GO. The USP-S Stainless gives a clean and simple background and makes most stickers pop out nicely. Furthermore, the P250 Sand Dune is an amazing meme skin that truly makes you wonder what the crafter thought while crafting it. It’s also worth to mention the CZ75-Auto Crimson Web that is owned by @Tea__With__Milk and was also crafted by him back in mid-April of 2015 when one sticker only costed ~40 USD.

CS:GO Howling Dawn
As seen, most of the four times crafts are on old skins from old cases or operations. Amongst many crafts that we showcase below, also a ST FN CZ75-Auto Poison Dart exists that was crafted by the well-known, old-school collector @iQ2312.

CS:GO Howling Dawn

Howling Dawn - Price Trend/Development

The Howling Dawn sticker price trend is as you would expect it to be for a discontinued sticker. Starting off with a slow and steady increase since it was first introduced to the game. But unlike other discontinued stickers, the Howling Dawn increased by four times during an one-month period back in 2019 between May and July. The sticker price skyrocketed from ~235 USD to ~730 USD.

The cheapest “Howling Dawn” sticker currently costs around 830 USD. Recent sales of the mentioned sticker are in the range from 829 USD to 899 USD. If someone was to craft with four Howling Dawn stickers it would cost ~3500 USD. Maybe a new operation or a case release will make someone pull the trigger to do one of those four times crafts.

CS:GO Howling Dawn
Source: Steam

Writers favorite

It’s a no brainer for me to say that my favorite four times Howling Dawn craft is on the M4A4 Howl. The combo of a discontinued skin and discontinued sticker is something very special that we might never see again. Furthermore, I'm a big fan of the M4A1-S Welcome to the Jungle - just an amazing fit. As a fan of “meme crafts” I need to say that the P250 Sand Dune with 0.777 is a pure 10/10 craft as well.


I hope today's article about the Howling Dawn sticker was enjoyable and brought you some insights to this legendary, discontinued sticker in CS:GO that you maybe didn’t know about. Be sure to let us know which stickers we should cover next on our Social Media.

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