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chrisJ - biography, career and interesting facts

Mr. Mousesports


NOTE: The player section is a bit outdated! Information could have changed! We will try to update the articles as soon as possible, thanks for understanding!

Chris "chrisJ" de Jong was born on 25.05.1990 and is a Dutch CS:GO professional. Chris started his career in 2011 as a Counter-Strike player. A little later, when CS:GO was released, the Dutchman joined the ChillTeam lineup.

For a long time Chris was considered one of the best AWPs in the game, but has recently struggled a bit with a lack of consistency. Looking at the 2020 HLTV ratings (top-50 teams), chrisJ is ranked third to last. Due to his many years of gaming experience and strong support play, the current 30-year-old (as of January 2021) has remained an important part of Mousesports to this day.

Like most CS:GO Pro players, Chris is very active on Twitter, but also posts regularly on Instagram. His Facebook page and also his Twitch channel are rather inactive. The last live broadcast in front of his 70,000 followers was two years ago.

chrisJ - Career

Chris started his career in 2011, when he was still a Counter-Strike player, but soon moved on to his first CS:GO teams. After the Dutch team "LowLandLions", chrisJ moved to Germany early in his career. His first notable organization was n!faculty, by which he was signed in May 2013. However, the team, which included tabseN and LEGIJA, was released by the traditional organization a short time later. N!faculty was originally founded in 1999.

Playing Ducks, also a German organization, then decided to sign the entire lineup, but just two months later chrisJ and LEGIJA left the team again. Thereupon the Dutchman, crisby, LEGIJA, tiziaN and Troubley came together as the team "PartyDaddlers'", which was signed by Mousesports shortly after. This decision was to shape Chris' life in the long term. While around 20 players were signed over the next 3 ½ years, one player always remained unchanged: chrisJ. Until Jan. 29, 2017, Chris played consistently in the starting lineup for Mousesports and went through numerous different rosters.

However, after the 2017 Major, the German organization decided to replace their veteran with oskar. This decision was short-lived due to the signing of NiKo by FaZe Clan and chrisJ returned to the lineup in February.

Another time in 2019, the future of Mouz was uncertain and the lineup was completely changed. Besides the new signings karrigan, woxic and frozen, with ropz and chrisJ two players from the previous lineup remained. Therefore, Chris has been under contract with Mousesports since 21.10.2013. For so many years he was an identification figure for the young players.

However, at the end of January 2021, Mousesports announced that from now on chrisJ will no longer compete in the active lineup and is allowed to look for new opportunities. Shortly thereafter, chrisJ decided to join FunPlusPhoenix on loan.

chrisJ - Achievements

ChrisJ took part in a total of 10 major-events in his career, but has not yet been able to win any of them. The Dutchman also had to wait some time for his first S-Tier success. In the middle of 2017 Mousesports won the ESG Tour Mykonos against Liquid.

The biggest success at a major so far was the 5-8th place in Boston 2018. Since then, Mousesports has also kept themselves more or less constantly at the top of the world. Wins at the V4 Future Sports Festival, ESL One New York and StarLadder Season 4 were on the table at the end of 2018.

In terms of prize money, 2019 was the most successful year for chisJ and his team. Successes at the CS:GO Asia Championship, the ESL Pro League Season 10 and the cs_summit 5 brought the team a total prize money of around 600,000 USD.

Mouz's last big success was at the ICE Challenge 2020 and Chris's total tournament winnings are estimated at around USD 590,000. ChrisJ embodies Mousesports like no other and is loved by fans all over the world for his loyalty and likeable manner.

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