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JW - biography, career and interesting facts



NOTE: The player section is a bit outdated! Information could have changed! We will try to update the articles as soon as possible, thanks for understanding!

Jesper "JW" Wecksell was born on 23.02.1995 and has been playing since 2009. The Swede is best known for his times at fnatic and is also called JWonderchild.

While JW became a legend mainly because of his aggressive playstyle with the AWP, the 25-year-old (as of Dec.2020) is one of the most consistent top players in history. He has been playing at a world class level for more than six years now.

With the exception of Instagram, Jesper uses his social media quite actively. While on Twitter, like most CS:GO players, he provides his community with new information and insights almost daily, he is one of the few players who are also very active on Facebook.

Furthermore, his Twitch channel with around 300,000 followers is also worth mentioning. According to his own information, Jesper starts his day with about 40 minutes of warm-up. The Swede was more active on his livestream channel in the past and currently streams rather sporadically. Along with pashaBiceps, he was one of the players who received generous donations from Motar2k back in the day.

JW doesn't share much about his private life with his fans. In 2014, Jesper came together with the Swedish Linn TangegÄrd.

JW - Career

JW started his career as a Counter-Strike player, but didn't achieve any significant success during that time. The first well-known organization to sign Jesper was Epsilon. At the end of 2012, the Belgian team decided to sign the roster of WRTT, under which JW was playing.

Gradually, the Swedish lineup was formed. The team, consisting of flusha, schneider, berg and devilwalk, was signed by fnatic in 2013. The British organization decided to release their Danish lineup around karrigan and Xyp9x at that time and signed the Swedish lineup.

Especially with the later signings of olofmeister and KRiMZ, the lineup became one of the absolute top teams in the world. In 2016, JW, flusha and KRIMZ decided to join the newly formed team of pronax, called GODSENT . However, after only four months, the trio returned to Fnatic and are nowadays still playing at the top of the world.

JW - Achievements

JW participated in his first S-Tier tournament back in 2013 together with his team at Epsilon. Only three months after switching to fnatic , the lineup surprisingly won DreamHack Winter 2013 and thus the first Major in the history of CS:GO. Thus, Jesper won a Major in his first S-Tier success. On the final the Swedish team won against NiP .

JW participated in a total of 14 Major events in his career. With victories at DreamHack 2013 Winter, ESL ONE: Katowice 2015 and ESL ONE: Cologne 2015, the Swede managed to win a total of three Major titles. Apart from the Danish stars at Astralis , JW has won the second most Major events to date.

The biggest successes of his career in terms of prize money were all with fnatic and the victory at the World Electronic Sports Games 2017 and the Intel Extreme Masters XII. JW's last major tournament success was with Fnatic at DreamHack Masters Malmö at the end of 2019. His total tournament winnings are estimated at around USD 900,000.

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