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How to buy VALORANT VCT Capsules 2024 in VALORANT?

Find out how to buy VALORANT VCT Capsules

Topic: How to buy VALORANT VCT Capsules 2024 in VALORANT?

Riot Games is celebrating the 44 participating partnered teams in the 2024 VALORANT circuit with VCT Capsule. Here’s how you can get the VALORANT VCT Capsule in 2024.

In 2023, Riot confirmed that VALORANT esports skins were indeed happening, but it kept the details under wraps until VCT LOCK//IN was released. The melee bundle celebrated each region in VALORANT esports, but now the developer is taking things to the next level with skins dedicated to partnered teams, all 44 of them.

Similar to previous esports-themed skins, 50% of the proceeds from this collection will go to the partnered teams. In 2023, The Champions bundled generated a whopping $33 million in digital items, out of which $12 million was split between players and coaches. But the VCT Capsule 2024 may actually set a new record.

“We’re excited to launch the VCT Team Capsules and give fans a way to directly support their favorite teams and express their fandom in-game,” said Leo Faria, Global Head of VALORANT Esports.

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How to buy VCT Capsules

You can find the VCT team capsules in the store. You can also access them directly via the esports hub, here's how:

● Click on the brand new Esports Hub tab at the top of your screen.
● Once in the client's Esports section, you'll see a menu with different regions.
● Click on the region within which your team plays to expand the menu.
● Now, click over the team whose Capsule you want to buy and click on it.
● Here, you'll see items included in the bundle and team roster.
● Press buy to add the Capsule to your inventory.

The collection has 33 bundles for the Americas, EMEA, and Pacific. VCT China skins will be added when Masters Shanghai kicks off in May.

How to buy VCT Capsules

You can find the VCT team capsules in the store. You can also access them directly via the esports h

The VCT Capsules 2024 include:

● Classic and AR Inspect skins with unique firing audio and recolored muzzle flash.
● A custom Player Card, co-created with teams.
● An exclusive Buddy and Spray set.

While sprays and gun buddies are simple team logos, the gun skin and player cards are jaw-dropping. Skin collectors would be happy to discover that Classic has upgradeable animation levels. On Level 3, the patterns on the weapon glow with markers highlighting the team name and VCT 2024 season.
Each team will receive a uniform skin design featuring their respective team's theme colors, with an immersive geometric pattern adorning the weapon's body. The team logo is stamped on the gun's rear sight.

However, it's the cards that are the real showstopper. Riot has worked alongside designers of partnered teams to whip up mind-bending, creative, and colorful player cards that also serve as loading screen banners. Expectedly, each team has come up with a better design, but so far, players are singing praises for G2, Liquid, KRU, and Global Esports' player cards.

VALORANT Team Capsules price, release date

Team Capsules for VCT Americas, EMEA, and Pacific will be available on February 21. Each bundle is priced at 2,344 VALORANT Points. Fans of VCT China will be able to buy bundles for their favorite teams in May.

Each team gets a separate bundle, and players must buy all items in order to enjoy the player card and skin. Purchasing a single weapon is not possible for this particular collection, but for three time-limited, highly-coveted items, the bundles are decently priced.

The bundles will stay up for grabs throughout the 2024 esports season, and teams who see success in the VCT circuit will get featured on the VALORANT storefront. If you're a VALORANT skin enthusiast, check out our article on VALORANT skins with the best kill sounds.

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