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Spiidi - biography, career and interesting facts

Sprouts Leader


NOTE: The player section is a bit outdated! Information could have changed! We will try to update the articles as soon as possible, thanks for understanding!

Timo "Spiidi" Richter was born on 13.09.1995 and is a German CS:GO player who has been actively playing since 2012. In his current team Sprout he is IGL and plays Rifle.

The current 25-year-old (as of Jan. 2021) has already played in S-Tier tournaments for some time and was also able to celebrate some minor successes together with Sprout in 2020. Currently, the team plays in national and international tournaments and will try to catch up with the top teams again in 2021.

While Timo is very active on Twitter, he only posts sporadically on Facebook and Instagram. He resumed more active use of his Twitch channel with around 20,000 followers at the end of 2020. Spiidi has participated in numerous top tournaments and also major events in his career. His total tournament earnings are estimated at around $150,000 USD.

Spiidi - Career

Spiidi started his esport career in 2012 with the organization EnRo GRIFFINS. After stints with the German teams "EYES ON U" and "BOSSHAFT", Timo switched to Mousesports and thus his first well-known organization at the beginning of 2014. However, this stay was not of long duration.

In the middle of 2014 Timo joined PENTA Sports together with fel1x, kRYSTAL, r0bs3n and denis and spent about 7 months there. Together with nex and denis, he was signed by Mousesports for another time a little later, but was replaced by NiKo again in September 2015. Another short stay at PENTA was followed by around two years at Mouz.

At the end of 2017, Spiidi founded the team "Seed" together with kRYSTAL, zehN, innocent and denis, which was taken over by Sprout just two months later. The German organization as we know it today was founded and Timo has remained loyal to the team to this day and is therefore the only founding member who still plays for the organization.

Spiidi - Achievements

Timo took part in his first S-Tier event back in 2013. At that time he played at Fragbite Masters Season 1 with his team EnRo GRIFFINS, but only reached the 17-24th place. The German took part in his first Major at DreamHack Winter 2014. In total, Spiidi played in seven Major events with Mouz and Sprout.

Timo is still missing an S-Tier success in his tournament record. The biggest successes were second places at DreamHack Open Atlanta, Copenhagen Games 2019 and third places at ESL Pro League Season 4 and ELEAGUE Season 1. Spiidi is one of the most successful and experienced players in the German CS:GO scene and well respected.

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