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Astralis lineup, history, achievements - CS:GO

Worth to know about the Danes

Astralis - History

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Topic: CS:GO Astralis team/lineup/history/achievements

The history of Astralis goes back to 2016 when they were founded by the former Team SoloMid as well as Team Questionmark lineup. Since its inception, the organization grew to become the largest and most successful CS:GO team of all time. The Danish lineup has been writing history. With the departure of dev1ce in April 2021, an era ended, more on that in a moment.

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Astralis - Archievments & price money

The total prize money winnings of Astralis sum up to around 9.45 million USD, which makes them one of the most successful organizations in the world in this aspect. The achievements of Astralis are filled with four CS:GO Majors titles. They were the third team to win two Majors in a row.

Astralis - Previous lineups & players

The Astralis players always have been all-Danish. The basic structure of the team remained the same for a long time. In 2016 cajunb and karrigan played for the organization, later on a player swap was made by Magisk, who replaced Kjaerbye in the spring of 2018. A little later, Astralis won their first Major, which was hosted by Faceit in London 2018!

After the signing of Magisk and before the departure of dev1ce, the legendary lineup won four Majors. Due to health problems of Xyp9x and gla1ve, three players named JUGi, es3tag and Bubzkji were signed in the summer of 2020. With a short-term switch to a seven-man roster, Astralis made history once again. In November 2020, the team played together in the original lineup for the first time again. At that time JUGi was without a team, es3tag was signed by Cloud9 and Bubzkji stayed together with Astralis. In early August, Astralis opted for a six-man roster one more time and signed Philip "Lucky" Ewald from Tricked Esport.

The second-last major transfer at Astralis took place, as already mentioned, on 23.04.2021 with the departure of dev1ce. The Dane and probably the most successful player of all time decided to transfer to NiP. Nicolai has been living in Sweden for some time now. After the Stockholm Major 2021 Astralis went for a big change. Besides dev1ce, also dupreeh, Magisk and zonic left the team. Xyp9x and gla1ve extended their contracts. Furthermore on 31.01.2022 Bubzkji announced his departure from Astralis.

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Astralis - World-Ranking & current players

Newly signed on 04.11.2021 were k0nfig and blameF from Complexity, as well as ave as coach. Later on the Danish organisation also decided to sign farlig instead of Lucky for the spot of the main AWP. Therefore the roster is still pure Danish. With that the linup consists of Xyp9x, gla1ve, k0nfig and blameF, as well as farlig on the main-AWP. On 22.02.2022 Astralis decided to sign the Dane Martin "trace" Heldt as the new head-coach, with Alexander "ave" Holdt moving to an assistant coach position.

Current lineup of Astralis:

Astralis IGL: gla1ve
Astralis AWP: farlig
Astralis Riflers: Xyp9x, k0nfig, blameF
Astralis Coach: trace

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