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BIG lineup, history, achievements - CS:GO

The German Top-Team

BIG - History

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Topic: CS:GO BIG team/lineup/history/achievements

BIG is probably the largest and most successful German Counter-Strike team in the world. The history of BIG started in 2017. The organization called Berlin International Gaming is one of two integrated German teams at the top of the world alongside Sprout.

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BIG - Archievments & price money

Since 2017, the team has recorded roughly multiple tournament successes and BIG won prize money in the amount of around USD 1.73 million. The biggest achievement for the German team so far was probably the second place at ESL One: Cologne 2018, where Natus Vincere denied them the home victory in the final. Another mentionable win was the A-Tier success over Extra Salt at Funspark ULTI where they managed to win their highest price pool in the organization's history! Equal to the prize money at the Funspark ULTI event was the win of BIG at the Roobet Cup in mid-2022.

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BIG - Previous lineups & players

The BIG lineup has traditionally always been all-German. The only exceptions were the Briton smooya in 2018&2019, XANTARES between 2018&2021, and coach kakafu in 2017 & 2018, as well as the Dane Nicklas "gade" Gade in 2021. A small upheaval took place in spring 2020. Nex and smooya were replaced by syrsoN and k1to. Surprisingly, on 01.08.2021 BIG announced that XANTARES will leave the team. He switched to the all-Turkish team Eternal Fire.

BIG has been playing at the top of the world for a long time and was able to convince with numerous tournament successes in the summer of 2020. These proved that syrsoN and k1to were the right choices for the team. At the beginning of 2021, tow b stepped down as coach and was replaced by DuDe, who had previously acted as an assistant coach. After the departure of XANTARES, the Germans signed, somewhat surprisingly, the Dane Nicklas "gade" Gade. In November BIG decided to once again change their head coach and signed enkay J as a replacement for DuDe.

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BIG - World-Ranking & current players

During the winter break, BIG decided to sign faveN to replace gade who wasn´t the perfect fit for the team. In March 2022 k1to stepped down from the main roster and Karim "Krimbo" Moussa, who recently played for the Academy team, filled his spot. In the summer break 2022 k1to came back to the main lineup and replaced tiziaN who had been part of the team for more than 4 years.

Current lineup of BIG:

BIG IGL: tabseN
BIG AWP: syrsoN
BIG Riflers: k1to, Krimbo, faveN
Astralis Coach: enkay J

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