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Sprout Team Review - Data and Facts

Second German top-team

Sprout - History

Topic: CS:GO Sprout team/lineup/history/archievements

The German organization was founded in 2017 as CS:GO Team and is owned by the Rush B eSport company. Initially starting with an international lineup, the organization has been reorienting itself towards a German team over time.

Sprout - Archievments & price money

So far the team has not yet been able to demonstrate any really noteworthy international successes. Victories at the ESL championships in the German-speaking countries and a second place at the DreamHack Open Winter 2019 are the highlights. The total prize money is around 480.000 USD.

Sprout - Previous lineups & players

The most well-known and successful players of the former lineup are kRYSTAL and NaToSaphix, who both did not even stay with the organization for a full year. Two other well-known faces, who have been under contract at Sprout and currently belong to the absolute top of the world are Nils "k1to" Gruhne and Florian "sysrsoN" Rische. The two German star players switched to BIG at the end of 2019.

The lineup was strengthened in early 2020 by dycha and snatchie, who compensated for the two departures. The team developed into a top regional team in 2020 and a stable tier-2 team internationally. However, in early 2021 the organization decided to switch to an all-German lineup again and signed kressy and slaxz from ALTERNATE aTTaX.

Sprout - World-Ranking & current players

In August 2021, however, long-term member denis had to leave the team and the Dane raalz was signed. In October kressy and coach enkay, J were benched and BERRY, as well as KEi, were acquired. Raalz took over the IGL role. While faveN transferred to BIG Clan, KEi had to leave the team as well after his trial period. Sprout signed Staehr and Marix.

Current lineup of Sprout:

Sprout IGL: raalz
Sprout AWP: slaxz-
Sprout Riflers: Spiidi, Staehr, Marix
Sprout Coach: BERRY

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de-Flagge Spiidi dk-Flagge raalz de-Flagge slaxz- lu-Flagge Marix dk-Flagge Staehr


dk-Flagge BERRY

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