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Vitality lineup, history, achievements - CS2

France firepower

Vitality - History

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Topic: CS:GO Vitality team/lineup/history/achievements

The French organization was launched in 2013, but did not enter Counter Strike until 2018. The beginning purely French lineup has currently been strengthened by a sixth player. Vitality made history with their substitution from Nivera in the middle of a bo3 duel Counter Strike.

Vitality - Archievments & price money

The biggest successes for the French lineup were wins at EPICENTER 2019, as well as the Esports Championship Series Season 7. In 2020, the team managed to achieve numerous great tournament results. Among others, the team won the IEM Beijing and the BLAST Premier: Fall. In total, the team earned around 2.2 million USD in prize money.

Vitality - Previous lineups & players

Since its inception, the organization made a total of three player changes. While three players from the first lineup - apEX, RpK and ZywOo - are still under contract with the organization, Happy and NBK- were exchanged. IGL ALEX left the team due to personal problems in early 2020, while new signings in 2019 included veteran shox, as well as young stars misutaaa and Nivera. However, Nivera was removed from the active lineup in early March 2021 and the French scrapped plans for a six-man roster.

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Vitality - World-Ranking & current players

Thus, the current lineup consists of five Frenchmen. Vitality is one of the absolute world's best, especially thanks to star player ZywOo, and made the big breakthrough at the top of the world in 2020. In early 2021, RpK was forced to leave the team and was replaced by young Frenchman Jayson Nguyen "Kyojin" Van.

In the 2021/22 winter break Vitality decided to go for one of the biggest and most historical lineup changes in CS:GO history. The French team signed Magisk and dupreeh, as well as coach zonic from Astralis. Kyojin, shox and XTQZZZ had to leave the team.

Current lineup of Vitality:

Vitality IGL: apEX
Vitality AWP: ZywOo
Vitality Riflers: misutaaa, MAgisk, dupreeh
Vitality Coach: zonic

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dk-Flagge zonic

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