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EsportFire Page Guide - All our features in one place

A Guide about EsportFire and all features

Topic: EsportFire Page Guide - All our features in one place

Hello and welcome everybody to the EsportFire Page Guide, where we will showcase all our features and projects as well as our Social Media and other mediums. The goal of this article is to give new, but also existing users an easy entrance in the world of EsportFire. Enjoy reading and we hope to see you around on our page regularly!


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Our origin - CS:GO journalism

We are known and beloved for publishing well-researched and unique articles around the CS:GO skin scene like nobody else. You will find a new article on various topics on our Website once every second or third day under the category Skin-Talks! We from time to time also publish articles around various Esport related topics such as big events in our General category but our focus is on CS:GO skins.

CS:GO EsportFire Page Guide Home

CS:GO Mini-Games - All fun and games

In December of 2022 we had a major update which on the one hand introduced CS:GO Mini-Games to our website, as well as Indexes, which we will talk about in a second. You can test your knowledge in different sections and areas of the game in our four unique and fun Mini-Games and challenge your friends and the entirety of the community on the leaderboards!

CS:GO EsportFire Page Guide Mini Games

EsportFire Indexes - Analysing the market

Let's get right into the EsportFire Indexes, which are the perfect way to track your investments and get an overall view of the CS:GO skin economy and market as a whole! In more detail, the Indexes feature our very own EsportFire300 index, which showcases the overall market trend. Next to that, around 30 indexes give insight into specific market segments.

CS:GO EsportFire Page Guide Indexes

Skinserver + Workshop Map

You want to inspect your latest pickups or some skins that you would love to buy but don’t have in your inventory? Check out our very own Steam Workshop Map: Skinworld by EsportFire, which we created with the help of @enjoytehride! Find all information needed on how to connect and use our community server here: Skin Inspect Server by EsportFire.

CS:GO EsportFire Page Guide Skinserver

Profiles - Your EsportFire Home

The Profile section appears when you’re signing in via Steam. We decided to go for a sign-in through Steam as it’s the easiest way that requires very little personal data from your side. On your profile you got the option to adjust your settings, see your favorite indexes and game statistics.

CS:GO EsportFire Page Guide Profiles

CS:GO Awards - EsportFire Awards Show

Since 2022 we’re hosting a yearly CS:GO Awards Show, where we honor some of the most influential and supportive people, voted by the community. In different categories around the CS:GO Skin community, such as “Crafter of the Year”, “Skin Youtuber of the Year”, “Skin Streamer of the Year” or “Artwork artist of the Year”!

CS:GO EsportFire Page Guide Awards

Transfermarket - All Players that are LFT

The EsportFire Transfermarket is a platform that supports players who are currently looking for a new team (LFT) within CS:GO. You as a community member can keep yourself updated on the latest transfer news, as well as all players who are LFT in a specific region, role or age group!

CS:GO EsportFire Page Guide Transfermarket

Community Discord

We have our very own Community Discord which is home to many skin enthusiasts all around the world! Our growing membership shares a love for CS:GO and topics like food, artworks and sticker crafts! Make sure to join and connect with hundreds of kind and fun people!

Our Twitter - @EsportFirecom

Twitter is our most active Social Media. In daily posts we share recent articles, news about CS:GO, sticker crafts and more! If you’re interested in CS:GO skins make sure to drop us a follow on @esportfirecom to not miss out on anything.

Twitter Accounts @cstransfers & @csgocrafts

We also run two more Twitter accounts that have specific topics and are a research and news source for everyone interested in CS:GO. On the one hand @cstransfers is a transfer tracker, where we post about all notable player changes. On the other hand, @csgocrafts is an especially dedicated account to showcase all kind of cheap and expensive sticker crafts that happen in the CS:GO community.


We hope you enjoyed checking out all our features and projects and would love to welcome you soon again on EsportFire! Have a great rest of your day everybody.

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