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These Valorant Skins Have The Best Kill Sound - 2024

Valorant skins with the best kill sounds

Topic: These Valorant Skins Have The Best Kill Sound - 2024

Valorant has over 100 gun bundles in 2024, each bringing a unique theme, kill sound, VFX, and style to the game. While skins don't necessarily impact gameplay, a crisp kill sound can help you string a 2k into a 4k; at least, that's what players believe.

Valorant skins operate on the concept of the placebo effect. You may think the sound elements are irrelevant, but they play on your psychology, helping land one kill after another with a satisfying kill sound. Riot has rolled out over 700 weapon skins, but few of these skins have become staples in player inventories. Thanks to their SFX, Valorant players can't put them down.

Here are the best Valorant skins based on their kill sound.

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Elderflame Vandal

Elderflame's fire-breathing dragons will put a massive stain on your wallet, but the guns are worth each and every penny. If you come from Counter-Strike and are looking for an AK-47 feel, Elderflame is your best bet.

One of the most expensive bundles in Valorant has a weighty sound that helps string together multiple kills. Elderflame may feel slightly heavy due to its unique sound, but it's perfect for taking into the battlefield on days you plan on making highlight-worthy plays. Besides looking fancy in your reels, Elderflame's satisfactory kill sound actually facilitates crisp trick shots and aces.


It's a crime not to mention Spectrum in the list of Valorant weapons with the best kill sounds. Crafted by the global music sensation DJ Zedd, each audio cue in Spectrum is meticulously crafted by expert talent. Besides its musical inspection, Spectrum offers a smooth kill sound that is not too heavy or light. Zedd has struck the perfect balance, achieving a satisfactory headshot audio note in Spectrum.


Prime's kill sound is unlike any other weapon. Instead of loud bullet shots, Prime makes a metallic clang with bass. The sound element picks up with each kill, wrapping up in a dramatic drum fill. The individual bullet sound is also electric, and players love it.

Prime is the top pick of one-tap gods for its unique sound element. While its audio works well on all weapons, it feels particularly impactful on Vandal, which is essentially a weapon for long-range duels.

Oni Phantom

Oni is an iconic skin line for its traditional aesthetic and colorful exterior, but that's not why it has managed to stay relevant three years after its release.

Oni has two variants, but the original skin line released in 2020 stands out for its iconic kill sound. The kill sound of the Valorant skin Oni Phantom is a muted chime accompanied by a mystical sound effect. Upon killing, the sound effect transitions into a brief explosion.

The original Reaver bundle

The Reaver bundle is a classic. It's dark, immersive, and comes with a melee that sets a standard in a style that remains unmatched. But Reaver is commonly used by top Valorant pro aimers for its sound elements. For example, it's one of Tyson "TenZ" Ngo's all-time favorite skins.

The kill sound of the Valorant Reaver bundle is a deep, resonant thud or rumble with metallic or mechanical hints. It carries a sinister and ominous tone, fitting with the overall dark and menacing aesthetic of the Reaver skin line.


Ion was initially released for just three weapons, but its popularity convinced Riot to roll out a variant for Vandal, and it was an instant hit. While Ion's stark white appearance drew initial acclaim, Vandal's release proved that the sound element truly set it apart as one of Valorant's standout skins.

Ion 2.0 was released in multiple colors, so clearly, players were picking it up for a satisfactory kill sound that ensures you complete that ace. Vandal rings with a futuristic, high-tech sound effect upon each kill. The sharp, electronic tone or a subtle energy discharge picks up with each kill until you wrap up the round with a 5k.

Prelude to Chaos

Prelude to Chaos is often hailed as Valorant skin with the best kill sound so far. Who doesn't love a guitar riff in the middle of a battlefield? Prelude to Chaos has a unique SFX that rings with a metallic guitar riff upon each kill. It builds into a proper music crescendo with the fifth kill. Like the skin's exterior, the sound element is also a bit over-the-top, so if you like avoiding noise in the game, you might find it distracting.

RGX 11z Pro

RGZ 11z Pro is the ultimate headshot machine. If you truly believe in Placebo, this skin line might just be the ticket to earning that coveted red Immortal badge. RGX 11z Pro's kill sound can only be defined as a bullet shot in an enclosed roof. It's a muffled thump that carries a sense of weight and power yet lacks the sharpness or clarity of a louder gunshot.


If you're stuck in the same rank for more than six months, it might be time to give the Valorant skins with the best kill sounds a shot. The skin lovers may be onto something with their theory that skins help with performance.

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