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These are the rarest VALORANT skins in 2024

Find the rarest VALORANT skins in today's article

Topic: These are the rarest VALORANT skins in 2024

These rare VALORANT skins have no price tag. You either need a Time Machine to purchase the rarest VALORANT skins or hope for a miracle.

Unlike other FPS games, VALORANT skins are affordable but are subject to limited availability. The featured page reloads at least once a month, revealing a shiny new bundle up for purchase. Once it disappears, you may buy individual items from the daily store if you're lucky enough to get your desired skin in the random rotation. The whole system makes each skin rare and unique, but some items bear no price tag.

These are the top 5 rare VALORANT skins no longer available in any store.

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Arcane Sheriff

Released as part of Arcane's collector set, Arcane Sheriff is a pocket sniper with a crisp aimbot audio cue. When Netflix's adaptation of League of Legends characters was rocking the fanbase of Riot's MOBA, VALORANT players partook in the celebration by purchasing Arcane. In 2021, this pink-hued one-tap machine was all the hype.

Unfortunately, Arcane isn't eligible to appear in daily store rotations or Night Market, which means it's gone forever. Those who purchased this rare commodity in 2021 now have accounts that are worth their weight in gold.

Rarest VALORANT skins in 2024

Champions skins

Each year since 2021, Riot rolls out a bundle to commemorate VALORANT's most prestigious event: Champions. So far, three Champion bundles have collectively made more than $40 million in revenue.

Besides their heavily animated exterior and musical inspect elements, the bundles are the rarest VALORANT skins for their scarcity. Each Champions bundle stayed up in the featured shop for almost a month and then disappeared forever. Only those who purchased the skins when they were up will ever own them since VALORANT doesn't have a gifting or trading system.

The Champions 2021 came without cards or sprays, but Riot was slightly more generous in 2022 and 2023, throwing some extra cosmetics into the bag. But, the skin lines are remembered for their upgradeable animations and music elements.

Rarest VALORANT skins in 2024

Wayfinder Shorty

While all drops so far have always been rare, they'll become singular once VALORANT Prime Gaming drops discontinue in March 2024. Wayfinder Shorty, however, is invaluable for a different reason.

The matte black Shorty is the only gun weapon that Riot ever offered via Prime Gaming drops. Riot typically gives away stickers and sprays to Prime subscribers, so when Wayfinder became available for free, it caused a stir in the gaming community.

Dipped in coal-black paint with gold and white swirls on the body, Wayfinder is breath-taking. The numeric patterns and stamps on the barrel add to its 007 vibe. Wayfinder, like all other Prime Gaming rewards, is restricted from being sold in the Night Market or included in daily rotations.

Rarest VALORANT skins in 2024

VCT LOCK//IN collection

If you want to purchase VCT LOCK//IN knives, you need yourself a ticket to 2023. The fancy capsule included four keen-edged variations of melee in four colors. Here are the regions each color represents:

  • VCT Americas (Green color variant)
  • VCT Pacific (Blue color variant)
  • VCT EMEA (Purple color variant)
  • VALORANT Champions Tour (Red color variant)

The capsule also came with three player cards and sprays. Similar to other Champions bundles, the LOCK//IN capsule also includes upgradeable animations. A glowing aura will surround the melee for the match MVP. Similar to other skins, VCT LOCK//IN doesn’t appear in any VALORANT store.

Rarest VALORANT skins in 2024

Ignite Collection

VALORANT's release in China rolled in with an exuberant bundle featuring two melee items for the price of an entire bundle. While the collection was highly pricey at 4,710 VP, it was worth every penny.

The Ignite collection is quite similar to the Celestial fan but fancier. The fan melee had two variations: A red and a purple one. Despite being pricey, the bundle sold in bulk, becoming one of the most sought-after melees in the VALORANT community. The popularity was likely due to the rumor that Ignite wouldn't be available to purchase outside of China. So, players rushed in to buy the collection when Riot made it globally available.

These rare VALORANT skins continue to evoke regret among players who missed out on purchasing them at the right moment. Even the prestigious Night Market can't bring these rare skins back for purchase. So, if you are one of the players who owns all five rare VALORANT skins, hold your account very close to your heart and make sure your 2FA is on!

Rarest VALORANT skins in 2024


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